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HOR Cites Three Gov’t Entities

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: Some members of the 54th National Legislature have written House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, calling for insurance of all government officials including members of the three Branches of Government with the state-owned National Insurance Company of Liberia.

The Lawmakers, in their communication, cited what they called the “noncompliance posture of ministries and agencies of government over the need to insure their staffs and equipment.

Members of the House of Representatives unanimously reached a decision to invite three institutions of government for allegedly failing to comply with the operation of the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia.

Institutions expected to appear before the House’s Plenary, which is the highest decisions-making body include the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Central Bank of Liberia and the Liberia Revenue Authority.

The Lawmakers’ communication said the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia existence is backed by law.

“The law which was enacted on February 9, 1984, (PRC Decree 81) establishing the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia – under Section III – Powers of the Corporation states: the Corporation shall have the EXCLUSIVE power to affect all insurances of the Government of Liberia, Public Corporations and any other business in which the Government of Liberia is 50% (Fifty Percent) shareholder or more.”

According to them, approximately five (5) years since the President made an appointment at the Institution, there have been complete lacks of cooperation by government Ministries and Agencies as required by law.

Despite the lack of cooperation by these Ministries and Agencies, the communication emphasized that a great deal of progress by the current Management Team of NICOL towards the resuscitation of the Corporation has been made.

“In an effort to lead by example, this Honorable House of Representatives placed the insurance of the Central Administration staffers with the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia in June of 2022,” the communication noted.

The leadership of the House of Representatives recently invited several Ministries and Agencies to inquire why they have not been complying with the law by placing their insurances with the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia.

But, the communication, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper did not give detailed information relative to the outcome of such previous meeting or state the names of the various Ministries and Agencies.

The House of Representatives indicated that there has been no progress made on the part of those Ministries and Agencies in complying with the law since then.

In their latest communication, the lawmakers said: “Our research uncovered that there are presently about fourteen (14) registered insurance companies in the Country, of which the majority of them are foreign-owned.”

“Interestingly, these companies,” according to the communication, “are the ones lobbying for these government insurances from the various Government Ministries and Agencies and taking the proceeds to their respective countries while our state-owned insurance corporation is being neglected.”

“Honorable Speaker and Distinguished Colleagues, this letter is to invite Government Ministries, Agencies, State-owned Enterprises, etc. to appear before Plenary to show cause, why they are not complying with the NICOL Law,” said the lawmakers.

The communication dated February 13, 2023 under the signature of four members of the House of Representatives including Representative Johnson N. Gwaikolo of Nimba County and chair on the House’s Rules, Order and Administration Committee; J. Marvin Cole of Bong County, Dorwohn T. Gleekia of Nimba District 6 and Representative P. Mike Jury of Maryland County.

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