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Weah Craves Speedy Passage Of “Significant Bills” …Seeks 54th Legislature Support

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By: E. Geedahgar Garsuah

MONROVIA: President George Manneh Weah has reminded the 54th National Legislature in its Sixth and Final session relative to the urgency to speedily pass into law several draft legislations, which he said, are key in driving the successful implementation of the government’s national development plans, dubbed: “Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).”

While President Weah also applauded members of the Bicameral Legislature for the passage of several other important legislations, he urged the Lawmakers to accelerate the passage of draft bills which he said are significant in the development and progress of the country.

He named the draft bills that require urgent passage as the Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area; An Act to Establish the West African Police Information System; The Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency; The Legal Aid Act of 2022; The Liberia Corrections Service Act; An Act to Establish the Civil Service Commission.

Others are A Revised Public Health Law of Liberia; The Revised and Restated Charter of the University of Liberia; and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Framework Agreement; among others.
According to the Liberian Leader, the swift passage of the above-mentioned bills is vital for the full implementation and success of the Coalition for Democratic Change-(CDC) led administration national development flagship document.

“These Bills are very significant to the success of our Pro-Poor Agenda, and we therefore urge you to consider their urgent passage in this Sixth Session,” he stated.

President Weah did not fall short to place special emphasis on the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill, which, according to him, will serve as a conduit through which women’s representation at the Legislature will increase.

“It is our understanding that an Affirmative Action Bill, aimed at increasing women representation in the National Legislature, is being introduced under the sponsorship of the Women Legislative Caucus and our Vice President. We wholeheartedly support this endeavor in our quest to achieve gender parity in our political space, in keeping with international best practices. We therefore urge speedy passage to enable it be signed into law,” Liberia’s Feminist-In-Chief emphasized.

President Weah also informed the Joint Session of the 54th National Legislature: “I will be submitting additional bills for your consideration that seek to improve our overall governance systems and structures, enhance our economy, protect our business environment, and create jobs for our people.”

The 54th National Legislature, under the governance of the CDC-led Administration, has enacted nearly two hundred (200) Acts, covering all aspects of our national endeavors, Weah maintains.

Key amongst several bill passed by the Legislature include but not limited to the Land Rights Act and the Local Government Act which were passed in the First Session of the 54th National Legislature in 2018.
The Land Rights Act which recognizes and protects customary land tenure, as well as women’s rights to own land has been viewed by many as an effective and reformist pro-community land reform law as compare to anywhere on the African continent.

The Local Government Act as passed by the Legislature has successfully helped to establish a system of governance consisting of locally appointed and elected officials, the President accentuated.

The Local Government Act also affords locally appointed and elected officials the authority and resources to enable them cater directly to the care and needs of the citizens in their respective counties, in the areas of health, education, roads, agriculture and other development needs.

Other significant anti-graft bills passed into law are as follow: the Amended Central Bank of Liberia Act, the Financial Intelligence Agency Act, the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act, Preventive Measures, And Proceeds of Crime Act, 2021, the new Internal Audit Agency Act, and the Amended and Restated Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission Act.

According to President Weah, the enactment of these anti-graft instruments has helped the government’s effort in the fight against corruption and other financial crimes in the country.

“Together, these laws will strengthen our anti-graft institutions and minimize the vices associated with corruption and financial crimes in our country. They will further strengthen our financial sector and make it consistent with international best practices, and ensure secure financial transactions in support of our monetary and fiscal policies,” the President emphasized.

President Weah mentioned the passage of several judicial reform Bills, including a Bill to provide conditions and authority to arrest; a Bill to provide for a new standard on preliminary examination in cases above the trial jurisdiction of magistrates and justices of the peace; a Bill to provide for plea bargaining; and a Bill to provide for the appointment of additional relieving judges.

He pointed out that the passage of the above bills aimed reforming the judicial system of governance in Liberia has instituted major improvements to Liberia’s judicial system, and helped to establish trust and give credibility to the Judicial Branch of Government.

Other laws enacted by the 54th National Legislature which made it to President Weah’s list of significant laws include the Revenue Sharing Law in 2022; Power Theft Law, the Domestic Violence Act, and the Kamara A. Kamara Press Freedom Act of 2019; the Domestic Violence Act; Dual Citizenship Bill amongst others.

While other legal instruments were enacted into law in 2020 and 2021, the years 2019 recorded the passage of fifty-four (54) bills. This number is the second highest as regard the Bills passed into law during a single Legislative Session since the inception of the CDC-led Administration, according to him.

The year 2022 recorded the passage of fifty-six Bills which amount to the highest number of Bills enacted during a single Legislative Session and the issuance of twenty-two (22) Executive Orders commencing from Executive Order 93 to Executive Order 114.

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