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Keep Your Loyalty To The Constitution …Minister Blamo Tells AFL Soldiers

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MONROVIA: The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, G. Wesseh Blamo, has called on graduates of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Professional Officers class of 2023, to always learn to protect the constitution of Liberia.

He noted that AFL soldiers should be reminded that they have a constitutional responsibility to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state, and defend their interests at all costs, and as such, their loyalty is key to the forward movement of the country and its people.

“I implore you to keep your loyalty to the constitution, bearing in mind at all times that the national interest must always come first”, he said.

Representing the Commander In- Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia (CIC), President George M, Weah, Minister Blamo admonished the newly commissioned officers to be good leaders as he reminded them that they will all be leaders and will be expected to manage the resources (both human and material) entrusted to them, something he said, they must have the capacity, commitment, and character to lead by example.

He called on the commissioned officers to see themselves as soldiers of the people, as they perform their duties, and at the same time, assured them of the government of Liberia’s commitment to providing, as much as it is possible within the national budget.

“You will get all the necessary support to ensure that the AFL is, and remains, a “force for good”, he assured the Soldiers.

Minister Blamoh has, at the same time, extended appreciation to the International Community for the valuable services they have rendered to the professionalization of the Armed Forces of Liberia over the years.

The graduating class comprised 33 Officers Candidates, including 11 females and 13 males which total of 24 regular Officers Candidates, as well as 2 females and 7 males for a total of 9 professional Officers Candidates.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Defense for Administration, T Olandrus Dickson, expressed gratitude to the Commander-In-Chief and President of Liberia, George M. Weah, for he described his able leadership that has added professionalism to the Armed Forces of Liberia over the last five years.

He said, recruiting additional professionals to the AFL will further enhance the ability of the Liberian army to render more civil-military assistance to the public.

He encouraged the commissioned officers to use their profession for the good of the public by exhibiting those skills that will make the AFL a more people-centered organization.

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