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Extradite Verdier… Ruling CDC Urges US-Government

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By: E. Geedahgar Garsuah

MONROVIA: Barely few days after Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier Sr., former Chairman of Liberia’s erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), accused Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, who is also Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), of being the Mastermind of the recent series of attacks on the home of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Gloria Musu Scott, the ruling CDC has called on the United States Government to extradite Cllr. Verdier to Liberia for investigation purposes.

Cllr. Verdier who is currently Executive Director of the Washington DC based International Justice Group (IJG), accused Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee of being the mastermind of the recent violent attacks on the former Chief Justice’s home in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

Addressing a crowded news conference at Headquarters of the ruling CDC in Congo Town, Morlbah K. Morlu, National Chairman of the CDC urged the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), to intervene in making a formal request to its United States counterparts for Cllr. Verdier to be deported to Liberia.

Morlu told the news conference that this will enable the former TRC Chairman to provide detailed information about the list of his recent allegations made against several top Liberian government officials.

According to Chairman Morlu, Cllr. Verdier’s recent allegation on Spoon Talk, which linked Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, and several other high profile officials of the CDC-led administration to alleged acts of murder and human rights abuses have the potential to create panic and chaos in the country as the crucial October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections fast approach.

“We believe that the sole intent of these outrageous comments is to instigate chaos, spread falsehood, and ferment instability especially towards the 2023 general and Presidential elections. We call upon foreign governments where these accusations are being fomented, especially in those countries, which have contributed hugely to our political and democratic infrastructure and economic development to be aware of the potential dangers these unfounded claims can impact our domestic stability,” Chairman Morlu stated.

According to Chairman Morlu, the need for Cllr. Verdier to be extradited to Liberia to provide in-depth information on the series of allegations which linked several government officials to murder is of utmost urgency.

The CDC Chairman indicated that President George M. Weah is an icon of peace and reconciliation and that for any individual to attempt in outwitting President Weah’s positive attributes by painting picture of falsehood against the government is unpatriotic.

“To circumvent these hallmark attributes of the regime which has kept Liberia on a steady course democratically is disingenuous, selfish, and unpatriotic,” Chairman Morlu asserted.

Chairman Morlu, however, called on Liberians, while making special reference to the opposition community to refrain from making what he termed as “false claims” that the government failed to provide security for the former Chief Justice Scott after she had alarmed about the threat on her life.

Morlu described as unfortunate the incident which took the life of the former Chief justice’s daughter.

Chairman Morlu: “While the investigation is ongoing, we appeal to all Liberians, especially our fellow citizens in the opposition, to desist making false claims that the unfortunate acts were the results of the failure of the government to provide protection and are efforts to witch-hunt adversaries. This is far from the truth. The administration of President Weah does not have one political prisoner and have never engaged in political witch-hunting,” Morlu declared.

The ruling CDC National Chairman did not say on what charges Cllr. Verdier should be extradited by the United States Government to Liberia.

However, Liberia and the United States of America in 1948 signed an extradition treaty.

The treaty was subject to renewal in each decade.

However, since the extradition treaty was renewed in 1979 during the leadership of then, President Samuel Kanyon Doe, the “Investigative’ INDEPENDENT cannot verify whether or not, the successive Liberian governments, after the Liberian civil war including the current administration of President George Manneh Weah have renewed the extradition treaty with the United States Government.

It may be recalled that Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier Sr., former Chairman of the defunct Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), via the Saturday, February 25, 2023 edition of the Spoon Talk nighttime show accused Monrovia City Major Jefferson Tamba Koijee of being the architect behind the series of attacks on Justice Scott’s Brewerville residence which led to the gruesome murder of her daughter, Charloe Musu, and left other family members seriously injured.

Cllr. Verdier identified the alleged perpetrator of violence act against Justice Scott as Varlee Telleh, a former member of the erstwhile dreaded Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) of former President Charles Ghankay Taylor. Telleh is also former fighter of the erstwhile United Liberation of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO) faction, which, during the Liberian civil war, was loyal to Alhaji G. V. Kromah (late).

Cllr. Verdier further revealed that Varlee Telleh is Mayor Koijee’s henchman, who has allegedly carried out several high profile murders on the alleged orders of Mayor Koijee.

Cllr. Verdier also alleged that Mayor Koijee had escorted Varlee Telleh to Nimba County to flee the country to neighboring Ivory Coast.

Cllr. Verdier also accused Varlee Telleh as the ringleader of Mayor Koijee’s alleged ‘death squad’ has carried acts of murder in the country.

Verdier also named some of the alleged murder victims as Matthew Innis, for Deputy Director for Macro-Finance, Regulation and Supervision at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).
According to Cllr. Verdier, the late Matthew Innis was deemed fit for murder on the alleged order of Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah Jr., for his alleged refusal to provide a fabricated report on the alleged misuse of the US$25Million intended to mop-up excess liquidity of the Liberian dollar from the local market.

Cllr. Verdier also alleged that Matthew Innis met his untimely demise at the hands of Varlee Telleh and others at Minister Tweah’s residence.
He (Verdier) also linked the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Colonel Patrick Sudue; Liberia Comptroller General, Janga Kowo; Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs, Samora Wolokollie; to Matthew Innis alleged murder.

Cllr. Verdier further accused Police IG Patrick Sudue of receiving US$15,000 to stage a purported accident scene where Matthew Innis’s lifeless body was discovered.

He further alleged that Minister Samuel D. Tweah Jr., as the mastermind of Innis alleged murder provided US$50,000 for Mayor Koijee to facilitate the operation.
However, Mayor Koijee, Varlee Telleh and the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudue, have denied any link to the death of Matthew Innis. Finance Minister Tweah,
LNP Spokesman, H. Moses Carter said: “Cllr. Verdier risks a civil action from the LNP if he fails to comply.”
He added that such action by the police is meant to safeguard the sanctity of the police and the reputation of its Inspector General.

Liberia’s Comptroller General, Janga Kowo; Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs, Samora Wolokollie are yet to comment on the allegations made against them via SPOON TALK by Cllr. Verdier.

Over the weekend, Mayor Koijee released what appears to be a clear-cut denial of his alleged involvement in any of the claims made by Cllr. Verdier while threatening to institute legal action against the accuser.
Addressing a press conference on Friday, February 24, 2023 at his Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) office in Sinkor, Mayor Koijee termed Cllr. Verdier’s accusation against his character as fallacious while also calling on the US-Government to caution Cllr. Verdier against acts that have the propensity to cause war and instability in Liberia.
Mayor Koijee cautioned Cllr. Verdier, whom he (Koijee) said, accused him once of involvement in the commission of gross human rights violations during the country’s civil war without providing irrefutable and cogent evidence to desist from linking him to false accusations.
In addition to Mayor Koijee’s press conference in which he refuted Cllr. Verdier’s claims, Koijee has formally written the Ministry of Justice, expressing his willingness to turn over Varlee Telleh for police investigation in connection to the attacks against the former Chief Justice’s home recently.
An excerpt of Mayor Koijee’s Monday, February 27, 2023 communication addressed to Justice Minister, Frank Musah Dean, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper states: “I wish to inform you that Mr. Telleh is currently in Liberia and duly employed with us at the City Government, and as you deem fit of the police, I commit to having him turned over to your good office for investigation as we all look forward to finding the perpetrators of the crime against the former Chief Justice.”
On the other hand, prior to Mayor Koijee’s communication to Minister Dean, Varlee Telleh, the man accused by Cllr. Verdier of being the head of Mayor Jefferson Koijee’s ‘death squad’ and the perpetrator of the recent violent attacks against Justice Scott has broken silence, categorically denying any involvement in such acts.

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