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US Envoy Disappointed in Media Here

by newsmanager

MONROVIA: United States Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Ambassador Michael McCarthy has expressed disappointment in the manner and form in which the Liberian media is proceeding with its everyday reportage and analyses.

He recalled how in both the U.S.-funded media training and messaging to the press, they (the U.S) spent a lot of time, emphasizing responsible journalism; that freedom of expression comes with an obligation to verify facts, and to not inflame passions without first doing due diligence.

The tough-talking American Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary noted that he is ashamed to tell the Liberian media that “the most irresponsible controversies to emerge in Liberia’s media over the past month have originated from the United States.”

According to the American Ambassador, while responsible and critical observations from the Liberian Diaspora can be healthy, “some cowardly media and political personalities have intentionally disseminated rumors or misinformation into Liberia’s political environment from the safety of their studios and offices in the U.S.”

Ambassador McCarthy: “These people are motivated by disruption and a desire to break down trust in Liberian institutions; they don’t care what damage they cause, and when questioned by law enforcement, they do not have evidence to back up their claims.”

The U.S Diplomat mentioned that people who are abusing the airwaves from the U.S are unfortunately taking advantage of America’s first amendment rights to spread rumors and stir up trouble in Liberia.

He described it as “despicable behavior.”

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