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“Stand Up For Your Rights” -Liberian Women Forum Urges Females To Register For Voting

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MONROVIA: The Liberian Women Forum (LWF), an organization responsible to seek the welfare of all women, is encouraging females of voting ages to turnout in their numbers to register for voting.

LWF, in a statement issued recently quoting its President, Madam Kadi Porte, calls for all women in Liberia that are of voting age to register to vote. She described the process as an opportunity for women to stand up tall and exercise their constitutional right.

“I want to remind all of our women and our girls of voting age to make use of the process and turn out in big numbers to decide the next group of leaders.“

Madam Porte however called on the general public and the staff of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to make accommodations for pregnant women, physically-challenged women, and elderly women during voter registration and the elections.

“There are pregnant and elderly women in every community in Liberia and we are calling on the NEC and the general public to prioritize those women that need help during this process. Even sick women and mothers of young babies also need to be assisted during the entire electoral process.”

The LWF President, Madam Kadi Porte has also expressed disappointment in politicians who are always involved in electoral violence to push their aims and urged women of Liberia not to encourage violence in their various communities.

Madam Porte frowned on all forms of electoral violence and called on women to join the LWF in preventing violence in the coming elections.

“We as women in Liberia need to keep a close eye on our young children. We shouldn’t allow politicians to use our kids to cause any problem during this election period in Liberia,”

The LWF head also encouraged women to increase their participation in the political arena in the country. According to her, women’s participation in politics can help break cultural and societal barriers which in turn will reduce violence and discrimination against women. “Their participation can also help to reduce illiteracy amongst women”, she averred.

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