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At Mines, Energy Ministry: Workers Disrupt Operations…Protest Against ‘Class-System,’ Salaries Disparity, Bad Labor Practices, Others

by News Manager

MONROVIA: Capitol Hill In Monrovia was a scene of attraction on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 when disenchanted employees of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) disrupted normal working activities of the ministry for several hours in demand of salaries increment.

The employees, under the banner: “MME Workers Association” sealed all the entries of the ministry to prevent the admission of the Minister Mines and Energy and Deputies as well as Assistant Ministers.

The officials of the ministry were also linked to involvement in bad labor practices, low wages, salaries disparity and other benefits.

According to aggrieved employees, many of the employees of the Ministry are graduates of some of the best Colleges and Universities in Liberia and outside Liberia with some earning Bachelor degrees while others are pursuing their Master degrees and other professional careers but, they are being paid US$150 to $ 200.

Mr. Jerry G. Zaza, President of the MME Workers Association accused the administration of the institution of owning luxurious properties amid alleged recent cuts in their salaries by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP).

Mr. Zaza, claimed that the salaries they are receiving are insufficient to sustain their families and appealed to the government to see a reason to increase their salaries.

“Disparity in Salary is a disease. Stop the class system at workplace,” the spokesman said.

Mr.. Zaza alleged bad labor practices, no career growth for employees, an unhealthy working environment, lack of transportation for employees, and poor management, among other challenges that workers are faced with at the ministry.

He said since the beginning of the Weah administration, the only bus responsible for transporting employees at the ministry has deteriorated.

He added that the employees held series of meetings with the administration, but those meetings did not yield fruits.

Mr. Zaza, who is also the Scrap Coordinator for Liberia used the occasion to call on the government, particularly the Civil Service Agency, the Ministry of Labor, and other authorities to look into their complaints.

According to him, the challenges they face have the propensity to undermine the already low fertility levels in the economy.

“We cannot be working and not able to take our children to ice cream shop like other officials of the ministry,” he lamented.

He vowed that they will continue their until government agrees to increase their salaries administration promised a redress in the soonest possible time.

Also speaking during the protest, Mr. G. Gbozee O. Arkoi, Official spokesman of the MME Workers Association said the employees of the Ministry on many occasions have written the Mr. Gesler Murray, Minister of Mines and Energy to address himself to the salary disparity issue but failed to settle it.

This paper made several attempts to contact Mr. Gesler Murray, Minister of Mines and Energy or any other authority of the Ministry for commit but every attempt was unsuccessful. By T.R Dixon

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