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Embrace Peace; Snub Violence-A Panacea To National Development and Progress

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In recent days, at least two personalities of global stature have reiterated the need for Liberians to sustain the peace in the country by eschewing all acts of violence and lawlessness, especially as the country moves towards the October 10 Presidential and Legislative elections.

First, United Sates outgoing Ambassador, Michael A. McCarthy, in a recent statement, released by the American Embassy near Monrovia vehemently condemned any acts of violence at polling centers.

Ambassador McCarthy encouraged all voters to register in a peaceful manner and abide by the guidelines of the National Elections Commission (NEC), relative to its ongoing Voters Registration process.

Additionally, Ambassador McCarthy encouraged the NEC to move quickly to provide the promised meal and training allowances to poll workers who are working long hours under difficult conditions.
At the same time, the US diplomat called on the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to immediately provide the National Elections Commission (NEC) funding in its 2023 budget so as to ensure the availability of the necessary resources for the NEC to effectively prepare for, and implement all aspects of the electoral process in Liberia.

As if the above-mentioned relevant recommendations were not enough, Ambassador McCarthy, in what appears to be his farewell message after ending his mission here pointed out that he is encouraged by President George Weah’s consistent statements, including at the United Nations General Assembly, “in front of the world, pledging free and fair elections.”

He added that Liberia’s “international partners share that goal. “But we believe as with the integrity institutions, it cannot be achieved unless the National Elections Commission is fully funded.”

“Today, with one quarter of the calendar year already behind us, the NEC has yet to receive any of its 2023 funding even though we are less than seven months away from elections. This is the situation that should alarm every Liberian,” Ambassador McCarthy stressed.
Besides the call of the United States outgoing Diplomat, Madam Leymah Roberta Gbowee, one of Liberia’s 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, underscored the need for Liberians to maintain the peace in the country by avoiding acts of violence and lawlessness, especially as the crucial 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections fast approach.
Serving as a Keynote Speaker at the 7th Graduation Exercises of BlueCrest University on March 25, 2023, held in the edifice of the Dominion Christian Fellowship Church in Congo Town, Madam Gbowee stressed a salient point when she said “Liberians cannot keep choosing violence over peace, hate over love, and destruction over development.

“In Liberia, we continue to make the same mistake: choosing violence over peace, idiocy over common sense, hate over love, and insults over respectable dialogue and expect Liberia to measure up to her neighbors in the sub-region,” she accentuated.
Indeed, we are THE INDEPENDENT, concur with both Ambassador McCarthy and Nobel Laureate Gbowee about the importance of Liberians sustaining the hard-won peace in the country, and to rise above all acts of violence, especially during this electioneering era.
Frankly, violence, in all of its forms, has done more harm to our country, Liberia, than good over the years.
The current dilapidated state of the country, at almost all of its levels, coupled with the generally poor and miserable conditions in which the vast majority of ordinary Liberians currently find themselves were largely caused by macabre acts violence and lawlessness, visited upon the Liberian nation over the years, at the behest of self-serving politicians and their lackeys.
This is why we are challenging Liberians at home and abroad not to allow this country to be dragged into war and to uphold the peace of the country. Our disagreements should be resolved peacefully and within the perimeters of law. This is our candid plea to all well-meaning Liberians.

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