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MOT Employees Protest Against Salaries Disparity

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MONROVIA: Employees of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on Friday, March 31, 2023, paralyzed working activities in protest against salaries disparities, salaries increment and other benefits.

The Transport Ministry is the third government Ministry to protest in demand of salaries disparities, low salaries as well as salaries increment and other benefits.

First it was the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) second, the Ministry of Mine and Energy and now MOT for the same reasons.

The MOT is credited and has over the years been winning several awards from the Liberia Revenues Authority for being one of those contributing to the Liberian national budget.

But, protesting employees at the Ministry told journalists that many of them are graduates of some of the best Colleges and Universities in Liberia and outside Liberia with some earning Bachelor degrees while other are pursuing their Master degrees but, they are being paid $75 to $ 100.00 United Sates dollars while others who are doing similar jobs are earning mouthwatering salaries.

The Ministry of Transport is a government agency. It among others, carries out the state management of road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air transport nationwide, according to law.

The employees, under the banner: “Transport Ministry Workers Association locked all the entries of the Ministry to prevent all the Minister, and his deputies as well as Assistant Ministers from admission for alleged bad labor practices, low wages, salaries disparities and other benefits.

Reading their statement to Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue who was prevented from entering the Ministry, the spokesperson of the Transport Ministry Workers Association, Madam Princess Tarpeh said before the their protest they peacefully engaged authority of the Transport Ministry and by extension pleaded with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) including both Houses of the National Legislature regarding the low salaries.

Madam Tarpeh said despite their efforts, there has been no positive response or assurance to address their concerns, something she noted, that is severely affecting their socio-economic wellbeing.

She pointed out that, their salaries are insufficient to sustain their families and appealed to the government to see a reason to increase their pay stressing that, “Disparities in Salary is a disease and stop the class system at workplace.”

Madam Tarpeh alleged bad labor practices, no career growth for employees, an unhealthy working environment, lack of transportation for employees, and poor management, among other challenges that workers are facing at the ministry.

According to her, since the beginning of the Weah administration, the only bus responsible for transporting employees of the ministry has been damaged.

adding that, they have had a series of meetings with the administration, but those meetings did not yield fruits.

Speaking earlier, the president of the Transport Ministry workers Association Mr., Jasper Waite lauded employees of the Ministry for turning out in their number for the protest and used the occasion to call on the government, particularly the Civil Service Agency, the Ministry of Labor, and other authorities to look into their complaints.

He vowed that, they will continue their protest action today Monday April 3, 2023 until government agrees to increase their pay.

Receiving the statement, Transport Minister Samuel A. Wlue pleaded with the employees to be law abiding noting that ‘where your right ends there another person right begins.”

He however assured the protesting employees that he will lobby with is colleagues at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) to address the employees problem and also appeal to them to be patient because it require time.
By T.R Dixon

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