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Saudi Arabia Gives 29,000 Bags of Rice To Liberia

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By: Varney Dukuly

Monrovia: The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided over 29 thousand bags of rice to the George Weah administration aimed at meeting the food need of less fortunate and disaster victims across the country.

The food ration which was made through the King Saman Humanitarian and Relief Center is also part of continued support to other areas such as the 2 million renovation fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Though Agriculture is said to be the support of the economy in Liberia, not much has been seen in terms of rice production and export.

According to the World Bank 2019 report, over 75 percent of the Liberian population relies on agriculture for their livelihood. The sector contributes 25 to 35 percent to Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
At the signing ceremony Wednesday in Monrovia, a high-powered Saudi Delegation which is in Liberia said ,the rice which cost half million United States Dollar is in continuation of Saudi’s support to the people of Liberia.
“The relationship between the two countries is strong and we hope it continues to grow more and more and thank you for accepting us,” the Saudi’s delegation told the Liberian leader.
Saudi Abrabia is a country that does not have permanent surface streams. Soils are poorly developed and large areas are covered with pebbles of varying sizes but still export wheat, dates, dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry and other vegetables, according authoritative online research.

Liberia’s Foreign Minister Maxwell Kemayah extolled the Kingdom of Saudi Arabai through ‘King Saman Humanitarian Aid and Relief center’ for its assistance to the Liberian government.

In August 2022, the government of Liberia engaged and cemented an agreement with Saudi Arabia that culminated into an approval over 2.5 million United States dollars for the renovation of the Foreign Ministry, added the Minister.
“We are indeed very much pleased as we continue to endeavor to improve the lives of the Liberian people pursuant to the vision and agenda of President George Weah,” said Kemayah.
The Liberian Foreign Minister however made it clear of Liberia’s overwhelming support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ahead of Expo 2030, a proposed world’s fair.
Saudi Arabia is among four countries competing to organize World Expo 2030. The selection will be done in a ‘General Assembly’ set to take place in November 2023 in Riyadah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Again, we want to reaffirm and please convey to your government that the government of the Republic of Liberia reaffirms its support which is unwavering to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Expo 2030, Saudi Arabia is our candidate and will get our support,” he said. He assured that the rice will be used for its intended purpose.
Speaking at the signing note for the consignment of rice donated, Internal Affairs Minister and Chair of the Disaster Management Board, Varney Sirleaf, said the rice provision from Saudi Arabia has further capacitated the Disaster Management Agency to deliver on its mandate.

Minister Sirleaf: “We want to express our kind gratitude to you, Minister Kemayah, to the President of Liberia for this kind of gesture, handling through the Disaster Management Agency Board.”

The Internal Affairs Minister stressed that the rice will be provided to the rightful population that are vulnerable and in keeping with the letters of the agreement.
“We encourage you members of the press for your support, as you report on our activities the people will appreciate what we are doing and when we are giving report, you will know whether we are transparent on the things we are saying,” said Minister Sirleaf.

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