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AFL Will Solve Our Food Crisis If… Gongloe Gives Detailed Platform Ahead of 2023 Polls

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MONROVIA: Liberian People’s Party (LPP) Political Leader, Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe says if he is elected to the Presidency of Liberia, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), under his watch, would solve the ongoing food crisis in Liberia.

Cllr. Gongloe believes that the solution to Liberia’s low agricultural output is to incentivize the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to engage in mechanized farming in each of the fifteen counties of the country.

“We will ensure this by making the military to grow not less than one hundred acres of rice farm in each of the fifteen counties of Liberia,” Gongloe said in a statement yesterday.

“A hungry people cannot achieve anything, and cannot live in peace with one another, because hunger generates anger,” he declared.

Speaking on Monday, April 10, 2023, at the, Cotton Tree Community, around the Baptist Seminary along the Roberts International Air Field High Way, the LPP Political leader pointed out that if elected, he will, under his leadership, institute a new, transformative, and good governance process that will enable the Liberian military to cultivate a new orientation as a capable, reliable, accountable, congenial, and trusted partner of the people in the socio-economic development of Liberia.”

The military, according to Gongloe, would play a far larger role in implementing the country’s development agenda for a better Liberia if he wins the October presidential and legislative elections.

“The AFL, under a Gongloe leadership, will help in spearheading our innovative approach to nation-building,” he declared.

“In other words, the people will experience the goodness of the army because the AFL must always be seen by the people as a Force for Good,” he emphasized.

“We strongly believe that empowering and enabling members of our military and paramilitary forces will further incentivize their upward movement on the socio-economic ladder,” the renowned human rights lawyer, turned politician asserted.

The AFL, Gongloe also noted, will be regularly used to assist the Ministry of Public Works with the construction of farm-to-market roads and the maintenance of all roads in order to remove the current obstacle to the freedom of movement of people, goods and services in most parts of Liberia during the rainy season.

According to Cllr. Gongloe who is also former President of the Liberian Bar Association (LBA), an umbrella group of Liberian lawyers, the capacity of the military to protect and defend the citizenry should not be limited to events of conventional hostilities.”

He added that his administration will significantly upgrade the capacity of the national army to play a pivotal role in the holistic transformation of the country.

“In this regard, the military will be meticulously professionalized and sufficiently equipped and empowered in all aspects of human developments,” he emphasized.

“We will be looking at areas such as health sciences, agriculture, education, electricity, renewable energy, information technology, cyber security, among others, so as to enable them to lead the way in creating a sweet Liberia for all Liberians by improving the socioeconomic conditions of the people,” he said.

It is estimated that, Liberia spends close to US$200 million yearly for rice imports to ensure food security. Liberia is also a signatory of the Malabo Declaration for Food and Nutrition Security.

This framework mandates every African government to allocate 10% of their total national budget annually for agriculture to accelerate growth, he explained.

At the same time, the LPP political leader named corruption, mainly in the public sector, as one of the main reasons responsible for the backwardness of Liberia and its citizens.

Gongloe pointed out that corruption has become so embedded in Liberia, and if he is elected president of Liberia, the narrative would be changed in the best interest of the country.

According to him, the main cause of Liberia’s underdevelopment is the collective failure of Liberians to work for, demand, and make the necessary hard choices and sacrifices for good governance.

Cllr. Gongloe declared corruption a threat to national security, arguing that it is crippling the economic and social development of the country.

“Corruption in Liberia occurred through the diversion of public funds, irregular payments, unauthorized expenditures, staff fraud, and bribery, denying the citizenry crucial services like access to affordable healthcare, employment, and affordable education for the country’s young ones, ”he maintains.

According to Cllr. Gongloe, under his leadership, the salaries, and benefits of the President and all officials of the government in the three branches of government shall be published, and that any official of the government who interferes with the functions of the police, or any law enforcement officer shall, upon summary fact-finding, be immediately dismissed, he vowed.

The Lawyer added that “the chronic deficit of leadership, characterized by greed, a thirst for illicit wealth, and self-interest, as opposed to the welfare of the nation, is a significant factor in the current state of Liberia.”

The human rights lawyer also said, Liberians, under his leadership, will institute a “Lifestyle audit” which he noted, will tell who, in the public service has eaten what; who continues to eat; who is likely to eat; and what they like eating”.

He pointed out that, the Lifestyle audits are also about conspicuous consumption reflected in expenditures of expensive capitalist toys, travel, residential housing, skyscrapers, charity and philanthropy, investing abroad, food and booze, and day-to-day expenses incurred in carrying out a particular lifestyle.
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