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Weah Makes Several Appointments In Gov’t

by News Manager

MONROVIA: President George Manneh Weah has made several appointments in government.

Those appointed by President Weah on Sunday, April 30, 2023, include Thomas N. Woart, Deputy Managing Director for Insurance, National Insurance Company of Liberia (NICOL); Madison Weah, Inspector of Karluway Statutory District; Patrick B. Howe, Relieving Commissioner of Karluway Statutory District; Philip Wilson, Township Commissioner of Yorken Township, Karluway Statutory District #3; Moses Clarke, Relieving Commissioner of Barrobo Statutory District.

Mr. Thomas Sieh, Relieving Commissioner of Maryland County; Paul Harmon, Commissioner, Jacksonville Township, Harper District #1; I. Sumu Prowd, Commissioner of Hoffman Station Township, Harper District #1; A. Boye Mah, Notary Public Officer of Maryland County.

Alfred D. Dossen, Commissioner of Barrake, Maryland County; Henry G. Allison, Commissioner of High Wood, Harper District; Friday Dennis, County Inspector of Maryland County; Napoleon N. Brown, Commissioner, Harper District; Robert Free, Development Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District; Alphonso Davis, City Mayor of Karloken City, Karluway Statutory District; Ezekiel P. Nyanpo, Township Commissioner of Warteken Township, Karluway Statutory district; Sylvester Dalieh, Jr. Township Commissioner of Yediaken, Karluway District; Felix Sarbo, Commissioner, Administrative of Whojah, Barrobo District.

Thomas Kaytue, Mayor, Glofaken, Barrobo District;
Demetary Martie, Township Commissioner of Jaffah Township, Barrobo District; Francis Gardiner, Township Commissioner of Barboken Township, Karluway Statutory District.

The President also appointed officials of the National Center for the Coordination of Response Mechanism (NCCRM), the Governance Commission, Board of Trustees and Management team of the Harbel College, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Those appointed by the President to the NCCRM include Dr. Roland Tuwea Clarke, Executive Director; Mrs. Sophie M.P. Reeves, Deputy Executive Director; Dr. Jonathan Taylor, Board Member, representing academic institutions; Dr. Adam K. Lincoln, Board Member, representing public health and medical institutions, as well as the chairperson of civil society.

President Weah also appointed Mr. Stanley Kparklain and Atty. Joyce Tarpeh as Commissioners of the Governance Commission, respectively.

To the Management Team and Board of Trustees of the Harbel College, President Weah appointed Dr. Joseph D.S. Bolder, PhD, as acting president; Prof. Dwede Dee Hoto, acting Vice President for Administration; Prof. William Gizi, acting Vice President for Academic Affairs; Prof. S. Sergoriant Baxter, acting Vice President for Student Affairs, and, Mr. Ebenezer K. Tokpa, Finance/Treasure.

President Weah also nominated Kemoh Jabbie Waritay, Assistant Minister for Industry at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable.

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