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‘Gang Of Pretenders’…Simeon Freeman Descends On Opposition Politicians

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By: E. Geedahgar Garsuah
MONROVIA: The Political leader and vision bearer of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman, has branded leaders of the current Liberian opposition community who, he said, are concentrated on forming alliances for the sole intent of unseating President George Manneh Weah via the October Presidential and Legislative elections as “Bunch of Pretenders.”

Mr. Freeman categorically downplayed the seriousness of the current opposition collaboration in Liberia to deny incumbent President George Manneh Weah a second six-year term.

According to the veteran opposition politician, the consolidation of political parties against any ruling establishment has not been the best approach in mitigating the barrage of challenges the Liberian Nation has been faced with since its independence on July 26, 1847.

Freeman said: “Liberians’ quest for collaboration ahead of the October 10 elections is no guarantee that it will be the best solution. Political leaders, who are bent on forming collaborations, are a bunch of pretenders who want to take advantage of the Liberian people.”
He pointed out that instead of an opposition collaboration that comprises characters who are merely pretending to be in the best interest of the citizens just to ascend to state power, the country needs a leadership that has a clear idea on how to rescue Liberia from its current state of despair.

“What Liberia needs is one man, a benevolent leader who has a clear vision for his country and people and who has proven it in his life. If we don’t look in that direction, we will make the terrible mistake of replacing a terrible leader with another terrible leader,” Freeman said.

According to Freeman, what Liberia needs in this dire state of its existence is a far-sighted leader who is competent and has the requisite capacities to move the country from its current state to the next level.

Freeman indicated that this cannot be accomplished through the collaboration of unserious opposition political parties.
He maintains that in Liberia, the formation of opposition collaboration has had no history of success in addressing the many challenges that have confronted the nations since its political existence.

Freeman cited the collaboration between the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC) of Montserrado County Senator, then, George Manneh Weah, now president of Liberia, and the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of then, Bong County Senator, now Vice President of Liberia, Chief/Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor and the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) of former House Speaker, J. Alex Tyler, as a classic case in point as it relates to opposition collaborations’ failures over the years.

“Liberians accepted the opposition amalgamation ideology twice, in 2017 and 2020, and nothing has changed. Our people are still desperate, they are still struggling, and there is hopelessness and poverty everywhere. We have had these coalition arrangements before and they did not work,” he declared.

However, the MPC Political Leader has positioned himself as a person who has all that is required to deliver Liberia from the poor state of governance under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government.

Freeman, a noted business tycoon, craves the support of electorate for him to ascend to the coveted Liberian presidency via the October’s polls aimed at changing the narratives in the best interest of the country.

“We will bring about a small and effective government. We want to reduce the size of the Liberian government. For example, under my administration, we won’t have a Ministry of Agriculture. So we are going to create a private infrastructure that will run our agriculture programs so that the poorest of the poor farmers will benefit,” he disclosed.

He also cautioned Liberians to carefully scrutinize individuals vying for the Presidency so as to prevent Liberia from sliding deeper into its current dire socio-economic state wherein macabre rights violations and unbridle acts of corruption abound.

He urged registered voters to think critically and thoroughly in examining those contesting for elected public offices and to prudently choose candidates not only with integrity and credibility but the necessary capacity to affectively address Liberia’s socio-economic and governance woes.

“I think Liberians need to look among the candidates and ask the hard questions. Look at the issues and the candidates who have the capacity to proffer better solutions,” he cautioned.

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