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Acquire Technical, Vocational Skills …Labor Minister Cautions Liberians

by News Manager

MONROVIA: Labor Minister, Cllr. Charles Gibson, has cautioned Liberians to acquire Technical, Vocational and Educational Training (TVET) skills after high school before going for higher education.

The Minister made it clear that the world is challenging today and jobs are not secured.

He said acquiring technical, vocational and educational training skills is necessary because it can easily provide employment opportunities faster.

He sounded the caution on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press Briefing held on Capitol Hill, in Monrovia.

He observed that everybody wants to send their children to acquire higher education but warned that before they can do that after high school education, they must acquire some skills because the world is so challenging and people can get jobs today and lost them tomorrow.

As Labor Minister, Cllr. Gibson disclosed that he continue received complaints from companies that many Liberians often acquire degrees in other disciplines other than vocational and technical education.
According to him, some Liberians, at times, complain that accompanies that operating here usually import workers and employed them on jobs that Liberians can do.

“You know if a company need someone who did machinery, electricity or any technical, vocational and educational training skills and they advertise such position in a local daily and no Liberia applied, the company will import either a Ghanaian, Guinean to occupy that job” he said.

Minister Gibson cautions young Liberians to never give up in pursuing technical, vocational and educational training skills, saying “don’t underestimate vocational trainings for their own benefit.
According to him, Education has a great social importance especially in the modern, complex, and industrialized societies.

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