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Gongloe Blames Gov’t For Increment In Exchange Rate …Says They Dish Out Millions of LDs To Marketers, Others

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MONROVIA: The Political Leader of the Opposition Liberia People Party (LPP) Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, has blamed officials of the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) led government for increment in the exchange rate between the Liberian dollar and the US Dollar.

He said the Liberian government and its officials continue give out huge sum of money to people across the country in the name of empowering marketers to do business.

Cllr. Gongloe said, since the exchange rate began to increase in the country, the CDC led government is yet to put system in place to stabilize the exchange rate, something he noted, is helping to create economic high ship on the vast majority of ordinary citizens across the country.

According to him, the government gave over 9 million Liberian dollars each to marketers in Bong, Maryland, Maryland, and Margibi Counties. He added that House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has, in recent times, been distributing huge amounts of Liberian dollars to citizens in Maryland County, something, he said, is helping to create economic hardship for ordinary citizens.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter at his office on May 8, 2023, the LPP Political Leader, called on the CDC led government to institute polices that would alleviate the economic hardship on the ordinary people of the country.

He said the CDC government has not been able to muster the courage to make the salaries of public workers current, but often donate huge sums of money to others.

He said, due to the government’s in ability to regularize the civil servants salaries, it is creating serious economic hardship.

Cllr. Gongloe promised that when he is elected as president of Liberia, he will make salaries of civil servants regular.

In another development, Cllr. Gongloe indicated that Liberian government has neglected the road leading to the southeastern region of the country.

According to him, because of the bad road to travel from Monrovia to the southeast, it takes a person almost two to three weeks on the road.

Gongloe appealed to president Weah who is referred to as bad road medicine to extend his bad road medicine to the southeast.

He wonders as to why the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was on his way to Maryland County for the voter registration process dodged the bad road in the south east and used Ivory coast when their government always boast of constructing roads in the country.

He said the speaker of the House, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, went to Maryland County by way of the Republic of Ivory Coast due to the bad road condition in the southeast, something which, he said, it is shameful.

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