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For Presidency: Boakai Can’t Win … TRC’s Massa Washington Disparages “Boakai-PYJ Partnership Ticket”

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MONROVIA- As the 10, October, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections fast approach, one of Liberia’s globally respected human rights campaigners, Madam Massa Amelia Washington, has vowed not to support the presidential bid of former Vice President, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, alias, “JNB” because of his partnership with a ‘notorious former warlord,’ Prince Yormie Johnson, alias “PYJ” and his political party, styled: Movement for Reconstruction and Development (MRD).

PYJ is the current Senator of Nimba County. He is widely believed to be the political ‘Godfather’ of votes-rich Nimba. Senator Johnson is a politician and former rebel leader, who played a prominent role in the First Liberian Civil War while serving as leader of the defunct armed insurgent group, the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), that at the time, broke-away from Charles Taylor’s erstwhile armed insurgent group, National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL).

PYJ is on record for capturing, torturing and executing former President Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Doe himself overthrew and murdered the previous President, William R. Tolbert Jr., along with 13 Tolbert government officials on allegations ranging from rampant corruption to misuse of public offices. They were tried by a military junta, styled: People’s Redemption Council (PRC).

However, Madam Washington who is also former Commissioner of the defunct Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Liberia, in her Mother’s Day Message published on her Facebook page recently said, although she supported former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s bid for the Liberian presidency in 2017, she will not support Ambassador Boakai for the 10, October, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.

Madam Washing reiterated that she will not support the UP Standard Bearer for this year’s polls because of his alignment with Nimba County’s Senator, Prince Y. Johnson and his Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR).

“On this Mother’s Day, I will remain true to myself and speak as I see it”,” Madam Washington said in a social media post.

According to the former TRC Commissioner, in 2017, she supported former Vice President, Amb. Joseph Nyema Boakia’s bid for the Liberian Presidency “despite the extremely poor treatment” former TRC Commissioners received at the hands of the Government of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her Unity Party (UP), with JNB as Vice President.
Former Commissioner Washington pointed out that she was “patriotic enough, conciliatory enough and also magnanimous enough to lick her wounds” and put her weight behind JNB because she felt that given all, he was the better candidate.

“Some of you from the Unity Party know this. Unfortunately, this year, I will NOT be supporting the Joseph Boakai/Prince Johnson ticket,” she posted.

Madam Washington stressed that she feels strongly that choosing the party of Prince Yormie Johnson (PYJ), is “a punch in the faces of victims of the Liberian civil war , especially women who were debased and their dignity stolen from them” by the now closest partner of Joseph Boakai, Mr. Prince Johnson.

Madam Washington added that as human rights advocate, and someone who has won coveted local and international human rights awards including for women, supporting a Boakai-Johnson ticket will be out of character and hypocritical to everything that she stands for.

“Today, I see people hailing this JNB/PYJ partnership as Rescue 1 & 2. We’ve seen this horror movie before. Some people spoke similarly as some of you are, during the peace process when we were trying to end the Liberian civil war.
“They instituted the appeasement of warlords and made unlimited concessions to warlords and rebel forces. We ended with numerous peace conferences all over the place and more than 22 failed Peace Accords, with the ultimate disgrace of having multiple interim governments, including useless Council of States, represented by warlords and their henchmen.”

“This so-called best ticket will not win the Presidency,” she emphasized.

“But, if it happen, I will come back on social media and say, I was wrong and you’re right,” she emphasized.

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