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“Cheap Propaganda” …Margibi Senatorial Candidate Slams Claims of Not Contesting

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KAKATA, Margibi County: A group, in support of Reverend Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings, Margibi County for Margibi County’s Senatorial seat in the much anticipated October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative election has rubbished and considered as a “Cheap propaganda “rumor that he (Giddings) has back-off from the race.

The group, calling itself “The Rev. Giddings Political Action Team (GPAT)” reacted to gossips circulating in Margibi County that its political leader has abandoned his quest for the county’s Senatorial seat, saying such gossips bear no iota of truth.
“Fellow Liberians and mainly the people of Margibi county; the Rev. Giddings Political Action Team is pleased to say to you that a cheap propaganda circulating in the corridors of our beloved county, Margibi, and the country as a whole, that our Political leader in Rev. Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings is no longer contesting in up-coming October 10th, 2023 elections as Senator is false and misleading, and it is only intended to distract the attention of the people of Margibi County. It has no iota of truth,” the group declared.
The group in its statement characterized individuals who are spreading such “Cheap propaganda” as “lazy politicians.”

GPAT: “Such cheap propaganda from lazy politicians in Margibi County is a tactic to reduce the support base of Rev. Giddings who has mass support from ordinary citizens.”

“GPAT assures you that our leader, Rev. Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings remains committed to contesting and winning the October 10, 2023 Senatorial elections in the county and that at no time has our political leader ever held a discussion with or accepted money from any individual with the intent of backing-off from the elections,” the statement added.
Rev. Giddings, a man who was at the center of controversy over the death Miss Odell Sherman of the Harriet Bailey United Methodist School who lifeless body was discovered on June 2, 2029 in an unfinished building owned by Rev. Giddings of Duazohn, Margibi County has emerged as a household name in Margibi politics.
The late 21 years old Odell Sherman was found unconscious in the premises of Reverend Giddings and was rushed to the ELWA hospital where she was later pronounced dead after few hours.
A Post Mortem Examination conducted on the remains of the late Odell Sherman, concluded that the student died as the result of “Blunt Force Trauma of the Head,” a consequence of falling.
The autopsy brought the case to a conclusion in which Rev. Giddings was held blameless for the death of the 21 years old Senior high school graduating student.
Since the dust surrounding Odell’s unfortunate demise settled, Reverend Giddings has quickly emerged among the list of several prominent residents of Margibi County who have expressed their desire to join the county’s senatorial race.
According to GPAT, Giddings’ political adversaries’ have device a “mere” propaganda that he bent on reducing the momentum is backing from the race by spreading falsehood against his person.
Further in the statement, GPAT disclosed that has gathered factual information that aside from spreading lies about Rev. Giddings’ participation in the October polls, his political opponents are rallying support to protest against him for his alleged involvement into the death of student Odell Sherman.
The group said it sees “these mere propagandas as scare tactics on the part of failed and lazy Politicians who have over-night gotten richer at the expense of our people who cannot easily send their children to school, pay their family or relatives medical bills, afford their house rents or build a house, or cater to some of their basic human needs.”
The group noted that the mission to ensure that Margibi is not given to “corrupt, failed and desperate politicians” remains on course and that no level of cheap propaganda can distract them from ensuring that the people of Margibi county make the rightful choice in the pending elections; adding that “no amount of ill-amassed wealth from these purported humanitarians can have a space in the body politics of Margibi County.”

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