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In District #10: Rep. Kolubah Election Was Mistake -VP Taylor Vows To Rally Residents To Rescue District 10 From Kolubah But…

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Vice President of Liberia, Jewel Howard Taylor, has asserted that 2023 is year set aside to undo the mistake of 2017 when Montserrado District #10 made a mistake by electing Representative Yekeh Kolubah.

VP Taylor, among other things, said as a resident of District #10, she will lead the charge to remove the current lawmaker whom she said has not done much for the people.

“I am coming, I will be in District 10 live and the good thing about it is, I am a resident of the District. So, we residents of the district will correct the mistake we made in 2017 soon,” said VP Taylor at program marking the Legislative staffers endorsement of Weah’s re-election.

There have been uproar recently in District #10 between supporters of the CDC and apologists of Representative Kolubah owed largely to the lawmaker’s consistent outbursts against the President.

The Vice President who is accused of bankrolling the campaign of Josephine Davies, representative bid against Representative Kolubah has been warned by the lawmaker to stay off the District politics or risks unspecified actions.

But. in response, VP Taylor questioned the District lawmaker’s working commitment since his ascendancy as lawmaker of the district.

“What has he done over the six years of his leadership? Do you have a plan for District 10 that we should re-elect him,” she asked.

The Vice President cautioned the lawmaker not to tempt her into his unbecoming attitude of insults against top level people in the country.

According to her, the job of a lawmaker is not to stand in open plenary or sit on radio and throw insults on the Presidency, fellow government officials instead to represent, make laws, and provide oversight.

She maintained that: “Insulting the President is not the function of a lawmaker because he doesn’t work in the legislature. So what is the cuss doing for his district? But, again, District 10 got to do something because they will get nothing in that district until they change the lawmaker and for me, I am living there so we will do it together.”

Madam Howard-Taylor also called on other Representatives to ensure that a prompt intervention is made by taking legislative action against Rep. Kolubah for his behavior.
“You can’t stand on the House’s floor every day and just keep insulting,” she said, “like Rep. Kolubah” calling on Representative Gray who is the House’s chair on executive to particularly do something to end this “malice.”

She, at the same time, urged all residents of Montserrado District 10 to put aside their political differences and vote a woman representative for the common good and development of the district.

It can be recalled the Representative Yekeh Kolubah made these remarks against the Vice President, “While it is VP’s right to support any candidate, I will not hesitate to return ‘fire for fire, I’m calling on our mother, chief Jewel Howard Taylor, not to get involved with District 10 politics.”

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