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Rep. Kargon’s Expulsion From MDR Angers Nimba Women

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NIMBA COUNTY: Over five thousand rural women from District number 4 in Nimba County have threatened to leave Nimba County Senator, Prince Johnson’s political party, Movement for Development and Reconstruction (MDR).

The made the threat to leave the MDR following the recent decision by Senator Prince Johnson and executive of the Party, which led to the expulsion of Nimba County Lawmaker, Gunpue Kargon, from the Party.

The expulsion of the Lawmaker was carried out at a meeting held on the campus of PYJ Polytechnic University.

Prior to taking the expulsion decision, report said Senator Prince Johnson publicly demanded the lawmaker to choose as to the political party that Rep. Gunpue Kargon want to be with during the pending Presidential and Legislative elections.

” We want to choose the MDR Party that made you to have many properties and improved your living conditions today, or we want you to openly tell the gathering here which party you belong,” Senator Prince Johnson said, at the meeting.

According to Senator Prince Johnson, the “CDC government is fighting Nimbaians after former Vice President Joseph Boakai chose Senator Jeremiah Koung and you are here supporting them.”

Our correspondent said following the decision by Senator Prince Johnson to expel Representative Gunpue Kargon, several Nimbaians, mainly rural women in district number 4, have vowed not to support Senator Prince Johnson’s re – election bid along with running mate of Unity Party Standard Bearer, Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung.

The head of the aggrieved rural Women of district number 4, Madam Mary Massaquoi said their decision was based on the disrespect they recently received From Senator Prince Johnson after they gathered in huge numbers to beg him not to expel their son, Representative Gunpue Kargon, from the MDR Party.

She lamented that Representative Gunpue Kargon is a founding member of the MDR party, something for which they thought to beg Senator Johnson, not to expel him from the party.

The aggrieved women said, their plea was ignored by Senator Johnson and the MDR party leadership.

The district number 4 rural Women groups who were beautifully uniformed on the campus of the PYJ Polytechnic University campus vowed to turn to President George Weah in support of his re-election bid.

Our correspondent said prior to the rural Women decision, President George Weah recently produced music for them, describing them as “very important people.”

The Liberia leader who pledged to impact the lives of the district number 4 rural Women groups is now happy as the Women groups in welcomed his re – election bid in Nimba.

Our correspondent who was at the PYJ Polytechnic University campus said the district number 4 lawmaker, however, told Senator Prince Johnson that he will not dis- respect him(PYJ) and anyone because he is a son of God.

“I will not be ungrateful to President George Weah government and also dis- respect Senator Prince Johnson,” the expelled lawmaker, Gunpue Kargon, told the gathering.

Addressing reporters, the Nimba County chairman for MDR Party, Mr. Joseph G.Wongar, expressed disappointment in Representative Gunpue Kargon and several former representatives from the County who left the MDR party.

He said executive of the party are aware of those lawmakers who have bad plans for the party.

According to chairman Wongar, the party has made people who today turned their backs against it.

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