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Tragic Motor Accident On Pleebo-Harper Highway …Three Die

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HARPER: A cold storage truck belonging to an Indian company with license plate number #C5347, has killed three people in Weah Village located about 8 Kilometers away from the Maryland County provincial capital, Harper.

The victims identified as Klomah Seeblee, 70; Solo Seeblee, 55, and Jefferson Dweh, 34; met their untimely demise when the truck crashed with the motorcycle they were being transported on.

Solo, Klomah and Jefferson (the bike operator) were riding a red TVS Star Motorcycle that was heading for Harper while the truck was travelling to Pleebo in the opposite direction.

Mr. Gabriel B. Harmon, who is the Town Chief of Weah Village told the Liberia News Agency that both the truck and the motorcycle were running in opposite directions in a curve at about 17:00 P.M., when the crash occurred.

“Yesterday around 5:00 P.M., I was at my house when I heard the truck’s sound; when I got there, I noticed that it was the truck tire that jumped off. The next thing I saw was the bike coming from Pleebo, but before the rider could turn around, the truck lost control and crossed the road and drove into them”, Mr. Harmon narrated.

The late Klomah Seeblee was a well-known visually impaired person in Maryland County because of his eloquence and relentless advocacy for disabled people.
Meanwhile, a lady identified as Jacqueline Nyemeju, aged 40, is calling for assistance to seek advanced medical treatment after she claimed that the tire from the truck crashed into the walls of her home leaving her with severe injuries.

According to her, she was lying down at home when the tire hit and broke a section of the wall of her house, causing the mud to fall on her which subsequently resulted in severe pain in her head, back and neck.

However, Chief Harmon subsequently disclosed that the victim was admitted at the Barriken Clinic, and was only given a list of prescribed medicines to buy.

Though eyewitnesses said the truck driver was seen on another motorcycle escaping the scene, police confirmed that he has since reported himself to the Pleebo Police Depot and is undergoing investigation.

It is yet unknown whether the bodies of the deceased have been turned over to their families for burial, but the police said they went to the scene with a vehicle to pick up the bodies of the deceased at about 19:00 P.M.

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