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Liberians Will Be: “Drivers, Not Car-Loaders” -New Presidential Aspirant Asserts

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MONROVIA: Mr. Richard Millar, Vision Bearer of one of the opposition parties in Liberia, styled: Liberia for Prosperity Party (LFPP), over the weekend selected Mr. Emike Slawon Jr., as his running mate, for the 10, October, 2023, Presidential and Legislative elections.

Speaking at a ceremony held in the Omega Community in Paynesville City, Mr. Millar who hails from Nimba County said, the selection of Mr. Emike Slawon Jr, who too hails from Margibi County, was done through a divine instruction for the Holy Spirit.

He used the occasion to assure Liberians and international partners that the party is ready to lift Liberians out of poverty and promote participatory and inclusive governance process.

He also assured that the party will ensure equitable distribution of the country’s resources for the benefit of all and sundry.

He said the LFPP will be different from other political parties in Liberia as its members stand ready to assume leadership and transform Liberia through collective and inclusive participation.

According to him, the LFPP is ready to lift Liberians out of poverty through value addition agriculture programs and road connectivity.

He indicated that and of party’s national development program.

“We are ready to reform our education system through decentralization of services, training of the education workforce, and strengthening systems, especially early childhood education,” he said.

“We are ready to recalibrate the engine of our health system from an activity-based to a results-based model through a performance management system,” he stressed.

“We are ready to reach out to all Liberians, irrespective of your social-political or tribal affiliation, to move Liberia forward, “ he emphasized.

He pointed out that, for democracy to work in Liberia, every individual’s voice should matter, and people in positions of public trust should be held accountable to work for the people, and help develop the country.

“We must endeavor to ensure that the marginalized, disenfranchised, and poor of our society are no more repeatedly victimized by the political elites and cunning political actors/actresses whose sole aims are to gain government employment and to amass illegal wealth,” he noted.

He stated that, the country’s education and health systems are challenged by inadequate domestic resource allocation, limited qualified and trained workforce, and poor service delivery, especially for the rural communities and the most vulnerable and physically challenged groups.

He maintained that in response to these challenges, the Liberia for Prosperity Party (LFPP) seeks to become the “alternative political institution that will do all in its power by the grace of God, to liberate our people from economic degradation, education paralysis, health immobility and agriculture decadence through inclusive and democratic participation of all Liberians, irrespective of your county, tribe, or social status”.

He pointed out that, the LFPP’s core beliefs of diversity and inclusivity are based on the conviction that collectivism is the progressive path to move our nation forward.

The LFPP political Leader emphasized that, it is grounded in the six political tenets- namely: Agriculture, Socio-economic, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Employment, and Infrastructure Developments, with emphasis on improving the Healthcare, Roads, Electricity, Water and Sewer, and Human Resource Development. He stressed that these are key elements in dignifying the lives of the Liberian people and developing our country.

He further pointed out that the birth of the Liberia for Prosperity Party is grounded in social justice, economic freedom, and human capital development.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Emike Slawon Jr, the selected running mate of the LFPP, vowed to ensure the party’s vision of an effective, efficient and fully functional and community-based Liberia for Prosperity Party (LFPP). He said, the party will be aggressively pursued through grass-root mobilization.

He said this will also be done “through the establishment and sustenance of dynamic, vibrant and conscious youth, women and other relevant organs that will promote broad participation.”

“We will build a political party that is completely different, foremost on this agenda is to make the Liberia for Prosperity Party, a movement for all Liberians, including persons with disabilities,” he indicated.

Slawon disclosed that his goal is to establish Chapter in every county, including at district, chiefdom, city, township, town, and village levels.

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