Home Politics Based On Its Performance Record: Vote Or Reject CDC Regime In October …Presidential Aspirant Moniba Asserts; Outlines His Development Vision

Based On Its Performance Record: Vote Or Reject CDC Regime In October …Presidential Aspirant Moniba Asserts; Outlines His Development Vision

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By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: Inflation leading to depression of the Liberian Dollars to the United States Dollars, ritualistic killings, smuggling of drugs, the waning of the justice system, wanton corruption in public space, etc., have angered the political leader of the Liberian National Union (LINU), Dr. Clarence Moniba, who is seeking the coveted Liberian Presidency.

According to Dr. Moniba, the weakening Justice system of the country, leading to questionable acquittal of accused persons without comprehensive investigations among others are unfortunate.

He made references to the recent US$100m drugs importation case in which all four accused persons were declared Not Guilty of multiple charges brought against them by the state and the subsequent disappearance from the country as well as the killing of the daughter of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Gloria Musu-Scott, which investigation, to date, remains inconclusive.

Moniba said, these factors are seriously undermining the security and progress of the Liberian nation and its people.

The LINU political leader said since the ascendency of President George Manneh Weah to the country’s highest seat in 2018, respect for Liberia has almost diminished among the comity of Nations.

“Liberia is failing as nation. Since President Weah came to power, the state of affairs of our country has been in total disarray with our governance system broken,” he added.

Quizzed by the Independent as to what difference he would bring to the Liberian presidency, if elected at the October 2023 polls, after serving as Minister of State without Portfolio under the erstwhile administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, wherein acts of nepotism, elitism and class system were believed to be practiced, he said, while it is true that he served in the erstwhile administration of former President Sirleaf, the leadership of Liberia depended on professionals like him with proven records of good leadership and track records of productive and impactful service to the country and its people.

“I served as Minister of State without Portfolio and in other positions under Madam Sirleaf. My hand marks are good and they all over the place for others to emulate.

He referenced the expansion of the Japan Freeway to which he made immense professional contributions.

“That road leading from Redlight to Freeport was something we initiated. I think with this, and other good development initiatives which were ably handled by us at the Executive Mansion, I can deliver this country from its dilapidated current state”, Dr. Moniba noted.
The LINU political leader asserted that based on his experience at the Executive Mansion, and other places over the years, he strongly believes that the state of affairs of Liberia cannot be conducted by a single individual or single group, as such requires the input of all and sundry.

Speaking recently to a team of reporters in Gardnerville during interview, Dr. Moniba highlighted that, for a better Liberia that all Liberians desired, voters should be conscious of individuals affiliating or closely associating with leading political parties and their leaders, by cross-examining aspirants of elected public offices based on their platforms and policies.

“We all can make this country a better place when we take the right decisions to elect people of integrity and competencies to state power. In as much as we want the best to lead us, we should have it in mind that no one man can lead this country. Those followers behind the leader are critical decision makers in government. Therefore, you must critically scrutinize us and our followers because they influence decisions-making” he stressed.

He believes the pending Presidential and Legislative elections will be based on the economic state of the country under the Weah-led government.
“This year election will be based on three things: the past present and the future. If you are satisfied with the past, then, vote the CDC government back to power; if you sure you are satisfied with your present condition, then retain President Weah, but if you believe that there is future for Liberia and your children, make a wise decision that will save the country from its ugly past and present by voting for me,” said Moniba who is the son of Liberia’s former Vice President, Dr. Henry Fomba Moniba (late).

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