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Liberia’s Command Team Contributes to 2023 African Land Forces Summit

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BARCLAY TRAINING CENTER: Liberia’s Command Team represented by Sgt. Maj. William Tabolo was the only African Military Partner to contribute to a plenary session during the 2023 African Land Forces Summit.

Sgt. Maj. Tabolo’s participation underscores the U.S. Government’s commitment to the collaboration with the Armed Forces of Liberia and other nations in the pursuit of regional security and stability.

The African Land Forces Summit provided an invaluable platform for networking, sharing insights, and building relationships that will, without doubt, strengthen our partnerships and advance our common goals.

The U.S. Government trained more than 2,000 AFL personnel (civilian and military combined), assisting the Government of Liberia in its efforts to build and maintain an apolitical and professional military force.

Meanwhile, Colonel DF Forleh has become the first Liberian officer to receive the MINUSMA Force Commander Commendation (FCC) Award at the MINUSMA Headquarters level.

The Force Commander Commendation Award is the highest award from MINUSMA Force Commander in the UN Mission. It is awarded to Military Staff Officers with outstanding performance during the mission.

Col DF Forleh serves as Chief of Personnel (Chief U1) for the entire mission in Mali, accounting for over 13,000 troop deployed both as Troops contributing countries and Military Staff Officers.
Col Forleh also received MINUSMA Letter of Appreciation for his great service to the United Nations.

Col DF Forleh before being posted to the UN, served as Commander of the 23rd Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Liberia and later posted to the African Union Headquarters in Ethiopia where he served as Military Attaché to Ethiopia and permanent representative to the AUC as Military Attaché for four years. Colonel Forleh served on the Military Staff Committee for Liberia.

Col Forleh also served briefly as Acting Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Training and Evaluation during his tour of duty.

The senior Officer will climax his tour of duty from MINUSMA on 5 June 2023 and return to his Country.

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