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Labour Wants Tailor Union Boss Reinstated

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The Ministry of Labor has issued a compelling directive to the Liberia National Tailor Union of Liberia (NTUL) Board to immediately reinstate their suspended President, Mr. Edison Carlon.

The decision came following Mr. Carlon’s complaint to Labor Minister, Cllr Charles H. Gibson, regarding his alleged illegal suspension.

The suspension was imposed on grounds of his alleged misappropriation of $1,000 USD and a host of other alleged irregularities.

But, after thorough investigation of the claims, the Ministry’s made its ruling over the weekend.

Mr. Carlon, one of the longest-serving members and leader of Union, vehemently denied all charges levied against him.

He has expressed his unwavering commitment to moving the Tailor Union forward despite facing suspensions on four previous occasions.

He said throughout his tenure, he has shown exceptional leadership skills, fostering unity and progress among tailors across Liberia.

The decision of the Ministry of Labor to reinstate Mr. Carlon as the President of the Liberia National Tailor Union is a testament to the unwavering faith they have in his abilities and integrity.

The thorough investigation conducted by the Ministry has uncovered substantial evidence supporting Mr. Carlon’s claims of innocence and exposing the irregularities in the allegations against him.

He said his reinstatement will herald a new era of progress and growth for the Liberia National Tailor Union.

Under his leadership, the Union has achieved significant milestones, including improved working conditions, skill development programs, and increased advocacy for the rights of tailors.

Mr. Carlon’s strategic vision and unwavering dedication have earned him the trust and respect of the Union members and the wider community.

Following the ruling by the Labor Ministry, Mr. Carlon expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Labor for their prompt and fair investigation.

He extends his appreciation to all those who have supported him throughout this challenging period and reaffirms his commitment to serving the Tailor Union and its members with utmost dedication and transparency.

As President of the Liberia National Tailor Union, Mr. Carlon promised to focus on further strengthening the Union’s capacity and expanding its reach. He said vision encompasses of initiatives aimed at empowering tailors, enhancing their professional skills, and fostering an environment conducive to sustainable growth and development.

He noted that his administration aims to build partnerships with relevant stakeholders to provide tailors with access to resources, training opportunities, and platforms to showcase their talents.

Mr. Carlon said his reinstatement is a victory for justice, fairness, and the pursuit of truth. It sends a clear message that baseless accusations and unfounded allegations will not hinder the progress and advancement of dedicated individuals who are committed to uplifting their communities and professions.

“The Liberia National Tailor Union eagerly anticipates the return of Mr. Edison Carlon as their President. The Union stands united in supporting his vision and will work collaboratively to achieve their collective goals of a vibrant and prosperous tailoring industry in Liberia” a member of the Union noted.

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