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Bility Faces Catch-22 in Nimba…As PYJ’s MDR Threatens Resistance Against the CPP Chairman’s Rep. Bid Ahead of October Polls

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By: H. Richard Fallah

MONROVIA: The Movement for Democracy & Reconstruction of Senator Prince Y. Johnson has vowed to resist individuals including Liberty Party’s embattled Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility, who has expressed interest to contest in electoral District-#7 in Nimba County.

According to the National Elections Commission (NEC’s) just-ended 2023 biometric Voters Registration (BVR), Nimba County has a voting population 308, 808.

Importantly, while thanking the people of Nimba particularly Ganta City for successfully participating in the party’s primaries across the county on June 7, 2023, the MDR, in a statement, noted that it will jealously protect the people of Nimba and Liberia at large, as well as the general interest of the people over personal interest.

MDR: “With absolutely no doubt, the MDR political base is Nimba County and the Party has vowed to resist individuals including Liberty Party’s ‘con-man’ and embattled Chairman Musa Hassan Bility who has desperately expressed interest in one of our electoral districts to make his way into the governance structure of the country.”

The MDR party members warned Mr. Bility and his operatives that Nimba County will never be used in any form or manner to gain selfish agenda.

The party mentioned that with less than four (4) months to the Presidential and Legislative elections, the MDR will do all it can to make sure the dream of Mr. Bility in becoming a representative will die perpetually.

The party did not say in clear terms as to whether its measures against Mr. Bility ahead of the October polls will be carried out peacefully, legally or unlawfully.

“Your sinister motives will be exposed, and the MDR will not allow you ride on the gullibility of our people and will resist you at the ballot on October 10,” the statement said.

The statement warned Nimbaians, particularly the people of District 7, Saclepea Mahn District, that the CPP Chairman, Mr. Musa Bility, has a very serious credibility issue, noting how he (Bility) has displayed questionable wealth in the district to allegedly manipulate the minds and subsequently influence critical decisions concerning the county.

“Mr. Bility cannot and should not be trusted with power in our noble district and county at large,” MRD in its statement.

The Movement for Democracy and Reconciliation has further noted that it has reliably been informed that Mr. Bility recent activities in Nimba County, particularly in the ‘Mahn Belt,’ have negative effects.

The Nimba County Senator (PYJ) and founder of MDR accused the controversial CPP Chair of being heavily sponsored by Islamic Networks and may soon be placed under investigation by Financial Intelligent Unit (FIU) and other regional monetary bodies for his alleged dubious and questionable dealings and wealth in recent times.

“Additionally, information in our possession suggests that, one of the major commitments for said income is to secure our ancestors’ land across Nimba county,” the party members alleged.

Statement: “MDR wants to mention here that, Mr. Bility has a tainted character, he is a FIFA convict, tax evader, a National Road fun thief, and he should not be trusted with even a town Chief position in Nimba County, lest to say a representative seat.”

The Party, in its statement, signed by its Vice Chair for press and public affairs, Kelvin D.J. Mattaldi, described the businessman turned politician (Bility) as one of the bad apples that should be vehemently opposed by all well-meaning Liberians particularly Nimbaians.

The Movement for Democracy and Reconciliation has at the same time encouraged Mr. Bility to never attempt contesting for a Legislative seat in Nimba County, disclosing that he will overwhelmingly be opposed at the ballot box.

The MDR of Senator Prince Johnson is a strong party which has its political strength in the votes-rich county of Nimba.

Because of Nimba’s alone, the party was able to received 8.2% of the national votes, placing its then, Standard Bearer and founding father Prince Y. Johnson fourth in the 2017 elections.

As per elections records in Liberia, anyone the MDR supports in Nimba County may have better chance of winning, or making greater impact in elections in the county.

Musa Bility who is the Chairperson of the Collaborating political parties (CPP) has in the last few months spent most of his time in Nimba county specifically district #7, interacting with citizens and convincing them through his quick impacts projects or developments to include: roads, bridges and several other activities which have been initiated by him.

Moreover, if the National Elections Commission gives the green light to Bility to contest the upcoming October elections, he will be hoping to unseat incumbent lawmaker, Roger S. Domah.

Representative Domah, an education administrator, replaces former lawmaker Saywah Dunah (UP) who was elected twice to represent Nimba County District #5 now District #7.

In April 2022, Citizens of Boweh Town, Friends of Roger Domah (FORD) and other immediate communities in Nimba County’s electoral District- #7 gathered and petitioned incumbent Representative, Roger SWY Domah, to rerun in the 2023’s elections.

In their petition statement, the citizens recounted that in 2017 elections they overwhelmingly elected Representative Roger SWY Domah as their Representative to the 54th Legislature of the Republic of Liberia.

They further recounted that at the beginning of his tenure in the year 2018, Representative Domah embarked on a genuine reconciliation initiative to heal the wounds and strong feelings created as a result of campaign activities and to also set the stage for a reconciled and united district which has enhanced a common front in approaching district-related issues.

Responding to the petition then, Representative Roger Domah, filled with joy, thanked his people and assured them that he will not make them ashamed, but will continue to make them proud and will remain humble and selfless.

But with the late involvement of the embattled Liberty party chairman Musa Bility and his relentless efforts towards development projects, political analysts and critical minds are now thinking that the incumbent will no longer have an easy ride to his re-election bid.

According to the observers, the only chance the current lawmaker has is if the message of Mr. Bility`s alleged tainted character associated with him, resonate across the various quarters of the district very convincingly.

Even though the MDR has started the political fight for the UP lawmaker, it remains unclear if the people will listen to the message of Bility`s purported integrity issues as claimed by his opponents.

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