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CSA Heightens Staffs’ Capacity

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MONROVIA: In an effort to boost the proficiency of the Civil Service Agency, a four-day internal training session in General Administration and Management Skills was held; June 6 – 9, 2023.

Speaking during the opening, CSA’s Director-General, James A. Thompson, cautioned the staffs take advantage of the opportunities in acquiring knowledge or skills that will boost their capacity.

He further stated that, the knowledge gained will provide the means to effectively work; increase staffs’ personal growth and possibly create a passion for their respective jobs.

Mr. Thompson asserted that often times, knowledge is acquired from universities, but skills to implement the attained knowledge on the job are obtained from these kinds of trainings.

The Training brought together selected Staffs from each of the Divisions and Units of the Agency; totaling twenty-three (23).

Training Courses were addressed by various professionals. On Day One, Time and Stress Management was presented by Mr. Jonah Soe Kotee, HR Consultant; Client Service Management, presented by Mr. Julius Parker, Client Service Manager, CSA.

Day Two: Professional Office Management, presented by Mr. Alexander E. Bassey, Sr., Director, HRMIS, CSA; Team Building, presented by Mr. Jonah Soe Kotee, HR Consultant.

Day Three: Strategic Thinking and Planning, presented by Mr. Greg W. Bedell, Consultant, CSA; Front Desk Management, presented by Mr. Ignatius Geegbae, Deputy Director, CSA.

Day Four: Organizational Security Health and Safety presented by Mr. Henry O. Jornkatonpor, CSA; Standing Order of the CSA, presented by Mr. Alfred Drosaye, Principal Administrative Officer, CSA.

Accordingly, Mr. Claudius J. Broderick, Director for Career Management and Training Division, said, the objective of the training is to enhance Civil Servants’ work capacity; provide them with understanding on how to manage their time effectively; help them maximize productivity when using less or no resources; show them how to build professional working habits; and create a friendly relationship with colleagues and clients.

It was also aimed at encouraging civil servants to learn all duties, responsibilities, and functions of all divisions within the agency in order to properly disseminate information to the public.

According to CSA, the outpour of joy expressed by participating staffs clearly tells the appreciation of the training; and knowledge acquired.

Maintaining a well-trained, well-qualified workforce is a critical and crucial function because Staffs are key determinants of an Entity’s success, CSA further said.

The Training was organized by the Career Management and Training Division (CMTD), under the supervision of Mr. Claudius J. Broderick, Director; and Mrs. Kumba G. Zotaa-Kiadii, Assistant Director for Training, CSA.

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