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Defense Minister Praises Pres. Weah

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-For Provision of New Military Housing units

MONROVIA: The Minister of National Defense, Major/General Daniel D. Ziankahn, Jr., (Rtd), extolled President George M. Weah for constructing, renovating and dedicating a horde of new buildings for AFL Soldiers at various military bases around the country.

The defense minister said the ongoing presidential projects being undertaken at various military barracks around the country served as a major boost to the wellbeing of the men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia, and their dependents.

Minister Ziankahn stated, “The construction and renovations of key military facilities around the country will greatly address the issues of housing affecting the AFL.”

He said personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia are facing constraints in the area of housing, stressing that the Ministry of National Defense and the AFL are delighted for the president’s intervention.

The Minister Ziankahn requested for more funds to continue the process of mitigating the decongestion problems being experienced in various military barracks.

“The RIA MP Detachment Barracks will provide the manpower to protect the Roberts International Airport which is one of Liberia’s critical infrastructures,” the minister iterated.

The defense boss qualified the construction and renovation of military facilities around the country as more important because the protection of critical infrastructures enshrined in the 2008 National Defense Act of Liberia is dependent on some of these facilities.

President Weah described the move as a significant milestone in ongoing efforts to improve the living standards and welfares of the brave men and women of the AFL and their families.

During the brief ceremony, President Weah noted that the dedication of various newly-constructed and renovated buildings on various military bases of the country serves as stark reminder of the commitment he made as Commander in Chief during celebrations of last year’s Armed Forces Day.

“On that occasion, I pledged to prioritize the well-being of our gallant soldiers and their families. I promised to provide the necessary resources to enhance their living conditions and ensure their welfare, despite budgetary constraints and competing demands,” the president recalled.

“Today, I am honored to stand before you, witnessing the fulfillment of that promise.”
He said the buildings stand as tangible symbols of the government’s commitment to providing the armed forces with the necessary infrastructures and facilities they deserve.

The president said: “These buildings will not only enhance the living conditions of our soldiers but also create an environment that raises morale and fosters a sense of pride within the armed forces. As we cut the ribbon today, let us remember that this dedication ceremony represents more than just physical structures.”

President Weah also accentuated his determination to invest in the welfare of the country’s armed forces by empowering them, amongst other things, to carry out their duties with even greater efficiency and dedication.

“It is a demonstration of our gratitude for their unwavering service and a reaffirmation that we will continue to support them in every way possible,” CIC Weah disclosed.

According to him, the dedication of the new structures is not an isolated event but rather a representation of a comprehensive effort to improve the barracks across the country.

He divulged that other bases, including Camp Ware, the Coast Guard Base, and bases in Gbarnga, Buchanan, and Lofa, are also benefitting from this housing expansion program.

The president paid tribute to the men and women in arms for serving diligently, sacrificing their comfort and safety to protect our beloved nation, intimating that he was under obligation to reciprocate their dedication by ensuring that their well-being is a major concern and a top priority.

“We owe them the highest level of care and support, not just for their own sake, but also for the stability and prosperity of our great nation,” he stressed.

The president thanked those who worked for the realization of the project, including the AFL leadership, the Ministry of Defense, as well as the dedicated men and women who have worked tirelessly to bring the vision to fruition.

He called on all Liberians to continue to work together, hand in hand, to maintain the Armed Forces as a “Force for Good” in the protection and defense of the country and all who reside within her borders.

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