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“You Can Be The Change You Want” Dr. Moniba Tells Adventist University of West Africa Alumni

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MONROVIA: The Political Leader of the opposition Liberia National Union (LINU) Dr. Clarence Moniba, told officials and members of the Alumni Association of the Adventist University of West Africa (AUWAA) that they can be the change they want to be without relying on anyone from anywhere.

He expressed indicated that for countries that are now progressing, their citizens stood the tests of time and advocated for the kind of change they wanted.

He made the statements at the 9th Commencement Convocation of the Alumni and homing coming of the Adventist University of West Africa (AUWA), located on Advent Hill, Schefflin Town, in Lower Margibi County, on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

The young presidential aspirant told the students that when he was venturing into politics meanly to contest for the Liberian Presidency, most of his friends discouraged him and said to him that he (Dr. Moniba) was too small to contest for such a position.

According to him, anyone can achieve anything he or she wants only if they are determined and work toward it and never allowed anyone to discourage them from the pursuit of their goal.

Earlier, Dr. OXward Baysah, Executive Secretary of the West Africa Mission of the Seven Day Adventist Church reminded officials and members of the Alumni Association of the Adventist University of West Africa (AUWAA) that Alumni are great role models for current students and past students and are often well-placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers.

He also stated that, Alumni around the world are often in the positions to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives.

According to him, an alumni association brings former students together to maintain a connection with their university and fellow graduates.

Being a part of an association can open many doors for them and allow them to reap a lot of different benefits, he added.

“ Not only does it give the opportunity to stay engaged, but it also allows them to help new and potential members,” he stressed.

Dr. Baysah pointed that, one of the best parts of being part of an alumni association is the network that comes with it and also connects you, as a graduate, with a number of professional contacts and other graduates from your university.

“Through networking and professional development opportunities, alumni often participate in and benefit from career insights and pieces of advice from other alumni and career professionals with the university,” he said.

For his part, the President of the of the Alumni Association of the Adventist University of West Africa (AUWAA) Mr. Parker Nyansaiye, said he was thrilled, honored and privileged to be inducted along his team members as the 2nd democratically elected officials of the Adventist University of West Africa Alumni Association.

He noted that, the event was a big win for the association as the day marked a new dawn of a versatile alumni association with integrity that promotes sustainable cooperation with the alumni body and the university through integrated structures that organize activities and programs, as well as networking for career development.
Mr. Nyansaiye indicated that, during the electoral process, they all had different views based on political interests, but our being here today is a clear indication of our collective efforts to achieve as an association and also the lasting bonds that connects us all.
“As newly elected president of this noble association, my team and I are committed to fostering a versatile alumni association” he said.

He noted that, a versatile alumni association that guides and provides fellow alumni with a variety of opportunities and resources to thrive professionally and academically and in order to create a versatile alumni association, as such, they must all first recognize the importance of attending alumni functions, supporting alumni initiatives, and supporting fellow alumnus.

He said stated that, he strongly believes that this can be achieved by leveraging the collective expertise and professional experiences of our astute alumni community, which will then drive unprecedented growth, progress and success in our association.
“Henceforth, I would like to invite all of you to join my team and I in this noble endeavor, by working together to foster stronger ties of relationship and collaboration across all of our alumni communities” he noted.

He used the occasion to encourage his colleagues to strive to create a versatile alumni association that truly embodies the spirit of excellence and accomplishment that this reputable university was established upon.

He emphasized that, this leadership which he heads, will be a leadership that promotes integrity by doing so, they will continue to fight their way towards excellence, and it is imperious for all of us to uphold the uppermost ethical standards.
“Let us get in mind that our actions, no matter how mirror they are, have the capacity to affect and impact the bigger picture. As members of this unique alumni association, it is our collective obligation to maintain our integrity and set examples for others to follow” he stressed.
He admonished his colleagues to do all with in their power and continue to work towards making the association a beacon of honesty and transparency.
“We are the stewards of our university’s legacy and play an important role in upholding its values, as well as passing them on to future generations of students” he said.

He told his colleagues that, as they move forward, he know that, there will be challenges and roadblocks along the way. But, believe strongly in their collective strength and ability to overcome these obstacles.
“We will support the creation of structures like regional alumni chapters and departmental alumni groupings that functions to support the interest of the alumni and the institutions” he noted.
Speaking further he promised that they will develop and maintain a comprehensive alumni website or portal that allows alumni to quickly search for programs, activities, job listings, and other alumni networking opportunities.

“We are going to establish an alumni mentorship program to assist younger alumni in their professional growth. This will also give the institution more input and insights about its alumni population” he stated.

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