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For More Developments In Nimba: Yarmie District Women, Others Rain Praises On Weah, Rep. Somwarbi …Say They No More Go To Guinea For Health Treatment

by News Manager

BY Aaron Doloquee/ Nimba County

NIMBA COUNTY: Citizens of Yarmie Administrative District in Nimba County over the weekend gathered in their numbers in Gbaleyee Town and subsequently endorsed the second term bids of Nimba County Rep. Joseph Nya Somwarbi and incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

The citizens said their support and subsequent endorsement was based on Representative Somwarbi’s good records Which include demonstration of people Center leadership and better representation in the House of Representatives.

Yarmie Administrative District’s Chief Elder, James Gorpu, also of New Yekepa, told the gathering that Representative Joseph Nya Somwarbi’s first term brought about Unity, good representation, and communities development activities in the district.

The Chief named, among others, the Lawmaker’s improvement of various farms-to-market roads in the administrative district and in other communities.

Elder James Gorpu disclosed that Representative Somwarbi’s good Work brought, among others, several GSM facilities in Yarmie that enable the citizens and residents to easily communicate in this era of global technological advancement by connecting with family members, friends, and other associates at home and abroad.

The Chief indicated that the lawmaker’s Second Term will enable him to continue with the good works and the level of positive representation and developmental activities.

Some women groups at the ceremony also praised the CDC Lawmaker for the level of relief he has brought to them in the district.

According to them, Representative Somwarbi’s interventions have helped to reduce the death rate and home-delivery that used to take place on a weekly basis in the district as a result of some health facilities he attracted to the district.

The women groups told our correspondent that in the past, they used to get treatment from the Republic of Guinea but the present of the health facilities in the district now made them to stop crossing over to Guinea from the Republic of Liberia for medical treatments.

For his part, Nimba County District Number Three Representative, Joseph Nya Somwarbi, referred to the endorsement as demonstration of the confidence and trust the citizens have in him.

He told the citizens that when elected to complete his additional six years term, he will continue with his impactful development activities across the district.

“This endorsement from the citizens speaks volumes with respect to what I have done for my people over the last six years. Their Support for My second term will enable me to move ahead and bring more developments to further impact their lives,” he stressed.

Our correspondent said, the Yarmie Administrative District citizens also pledged their support for the re-election of President George Weah to continue with his development activities across the Country.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Reginald Mehn, Chairman of the ruling CDC branch in the district thanked the citizens for their support towards Rep. Joseph Nya Somwarbi and the re-election bid of President George Manneh Weah.

Chairman Mehn said the CDC-led government remains fully committed to implementing more development in the district and other parts of Nimba County for the benefit of the citizens.

He disclosed that Arclor Mittal MDA paid affected communities for crops destroyed by the company and the cash being used by the citizens to prepare their homes.

He said, this has brought relief and happiness to several communities in the district.

Yarmie’s Chief Elder, Cooper Walakah, who spoke on behalf of the Yarmie Chiefs, underscored the many development activities both their son, Rep. Joseph Nya Somwarbi, and President George Weah, have brought to the district and the Liberian Nation in general.

He named the pavement of the road from Sanniqullie to Karnplay Which is in District Number Three, health Facilities in the district among others.

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