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For Early Childhood Education: USAID/TESTS Boosts Learning At UL

by News Manager

The USAID/Transforming the Education System for Teachers and Students in Liberia-TESTS has presented 79 tablets to the University of Liberia for the benefit of the institution’s Early Childhood and Primary Education system.

During the donation ceremony which was held on the University’s Fendall campus on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, USAID/TESTS Technical Director Mr. Mator Kpangbai said the donation was the first batch and they are expected to double it.

Mr. Kpangba explained that their work is strictly to benefit Dr. Cecelia Cassell, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Liberia, for the good of students of the Early Childhood and Primary Education system.

“Today we present 79 tablets, we have given the President one. This is the first batch and we’re expecting to double this,” Mr. Kpangba said.

He explained that tablets as a tool are used on the learning and tracking pod. He noted that it is the teaching and learning material repository or curriculum document, assessment, and ‘how-to-get’ to make life easier for teachers.

Using the tablets, Mr. Kpangba said teachers can call students during their study time, have a wonderful conversation with the students, and fill them up.
He added that the learning and tracking pods will help students when they go to their practical’s so that the demonstration principal or teacher that is supervising them can feed in the information that the University authorities can have access to.

On his institution’s scholarship scheme, Mr. Kpangba said the University of Liberia has almost 700 students.
In addition, Mr. Kpangba indicated that an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Lab will be set up for the College of Education.

“The good thing is that we will not need electricity …, so we have the solar features [as] part of the process … and this benefits our other seven institutions, including the University of Liberia,” he noted.

Mr. Kpangba suggested that it is a big thing for the College of Education to have an exclusive technology base for teachers and students in primary school.
Taking delivery of the donation, the President of the University of Liberia Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., said the University is moving forward with the USAID/TESTS Project.

“We are grateful once again to the people of the United States and the USAID family,” said Dr. Nelson.

Dr. Nelson said the Liberian people appreciate the USAID family, pledging that the College of Education and the University family will continue to work closely with the USAID.

Further, Dr. Nelson appreciated Dr. Cassell and Dr. Moses Zinnah, UL Vice President for Academic Affairs, for being the point person on the project.
Dr. Nelson noted that USAID/TESTS will hear from the University of Liberia very soon regarding the utilization of its scholarship funding.

“We will do all of our homework so that we will get to you so that we will not allow the other seven schools to be running ahead of us,” said Dr. Nelson.

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