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Boakai Betrayed Me! …Costa Finally Breaks Silence On JNB’s Running-Mate Selection Saga

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By: Frank P. Martin
MONROVIA: Henry Pedro Costa, a popular political commentator, talk-show host, and former political confidant of the erstwhile gunning Unity Party’s Standard Bearer, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has accused the UP Political Leader of betraying him.

Costa revealed that he has been committed to the former VP and the Unity Party as it relates to the struggle for the emancipation of the Liberian people from the dungeon of poverty, disease, misery and bad governance.

Costa narrated that he dashed his own presidential ambition for the former Vice President after several prophesies emerged ahead of the crucial October Presidential and Legislative elections, suggesting that he (Costa) would be President of Liberia.

He told Journalists in Monrovia on Monday that few years back, a renowned Liberian prelate (name not given), prophesied his (Costa’s) Presidency.

The political commentator disclosed that such prophesy was reaffirmed by his international partners who met with him for financial support, offering a mouthwatering US$30 million as their initial contribution to his (Costa’s) presidential quest, if accepted.

However, the tough-talking political commentator claimed that he rejected the US$30 million offer and rather encouraged them to instead, divert it to the former Vice President Boakai’s presidential bid since he (Costa), has no interest in becoming Liberia’s President.

Costa added that his primary desire was to become a running-mate to former Vice President Boakai if he, (Boakai) had agreed to the offer.

Costa: “On February 13, 2023, the men met with me and told me to run as President in the 2023 elections; Frankly and respectfully, I declined the offer and recommended for the support to be diverted to Ambassador Boakai.”
In furtherance, Costa disclosed that on March 16, 2023, Ambassador Boakai booked a plane and met with his business partners (not named) in the City of Accra, Republic of Ghana, for a political meeting to discuss the former VP’s political future since he (Costa) had suggested to his bankrollers for them to support Boakai financially.

According to Costa, at the said meeting, Ambassador Boakai instead, badmouthed him before his financials, saying all kinds of negative things about his (Costa’s) character.

This was after Boakai previously assured that Costa will be his (Boakai’s) running mate in the 10, October, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections on the ticket of the former governing Unity Party (UP).

Costa further revealed that Boakai told the business gurus to finance his (JNB’s) Presidential campaign with the US$30 million, so that he could pick whosoever he (JNB) wanted to become his running mate.

According to Henry Costa, in exchange, former Vice President Boakai promised to give them (business people), anything they wanted in Liberia if he wins the pending Presidential election.

Costa claims Ex-VP Boakai named the Wologisi Mountain as one of the huge offers to the unidentified business people if he wins the October polls.

“Moreover, Boakai told them that he could not select Nyonblee as his running mate neither Jeremiah Koung as his running mate in the ensuing Presidential and Legislative elections. The people were very shocked by Ambassador Boakai’s behavior. When they asked him to name me as his running mate, he vehemently denied everything possible to make me his running mate,” Costa averred.

Costa said his financials, in the end rejected Boakai’s request and expressed their displeasure at his behavior.
“At the meeting, one of their representatives called and briefed me on how the meeting went. I was deeply disgusted, disappointed, and felt betrayed by a man I come to consider a father figure. My body was shaking with anger, causing too much pains in my entire body,” he expressed.

Costa told the news conference that the former Vice President later apologized to him after realizing his mistakes.

Costa: “When he apologized, I expressed my disappointment in the Ambassador for his evil betrayal. He did confirm on the phone that he did indeed betray me.”

Costa alleged that after a dramatic political interaction, former VP JNB accused him of being paid by the Liberian government with a huge sum of money to pay an American doctor to kill him (Boakai) while undergoing surgery in the United States.

As a result, Costa narrated, the former Vice President cancelled the medical trip and no longer had conversation with him (Costa) and members of the All Liberian Party Executives including B. Wilfred Urey.

“If we were true partners to Unity Party, the decision about running mate selection would have been done in consultation with us, considering the no immediate rush of the April Vice Presidential Running mate nomination,” Costa added.

“We will not compromise our values just because we want to win power. We have stood our grounds fighting for what is right for the Liberian people. We did not abandon Boakai but Boakai abandoned the ALP. Our Party is no longer a political ally to Ambassador Boakai and the Unity Party,” Costa concluded.

The UP Standard Bearer, JNB, has not immediately reacted to Mr. Costa’s claims.

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