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“Brooms 1 & 2” Vow We Will Provide Basic Governance Structure …That Liberia Lacks

by News Manager

By: Frank P. Martin

GBARNGA: Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, Standard Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP), says Dr. Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo is the best person to partner with him (Gongloe) to sweep corruption out of Liberian public service.

According to Cllr. Gongloe, Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo, who is the Vice Standard Bearer of the LPP is a person with integrity, strong sense of simplicity and humanity.

Gongloe maintains that if he is elected to the Liberian Presidency in the October polls, Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo will work with him in providing “the basic governance structure that Liberia has been lacking for over several decades.”

Dr. Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo, who currently serves as President of Salvation Army University in Sinkor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Cuttington University, Master’s Degree in Public Health, from Cuttington University, Master’s of Science degree in Environment with emphasis in Political Ecology and a Ph.D. in the same field from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

In October, over two million Liberians are expected to cast ballots for 73 lawmakers, 15 Senators; President and Vice President.

The President, Vice President, and members of the Legislature would be sworn into their respective offices in January 2024 in fulfillment of Article 4 of the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

At the moment, the nation’s political playing field is being charged with chain of political parties nominating their choices for Presidential and Legislative positions while many others are running for elected positions as independent candidates.

Incumbent President, George Manneh Weah, maintains Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, daughter of Bong County as his Vice Standard Bearer.

Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai recently named Senator Jeremiah Kpehe Koung as his Vice running mate.

Koung is a son of Votes-rich Nimba County. Former Coco Cola Executive, Alexander Benedict Cummings, who is also Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) tapped into the Bassa Votes to name a daughter of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine (late), Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, as his running mate.

However, it was a scene of attraction and excitement when cross-section of residents of Bong County converged and matched from the city square (Gbarnga Broad Street) with Cllr. Gongloe, Urey-Yarkpawolo and other party executives.

They headed for the Gbarnga Administrative Building where Gongloe officially unveiled Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo as Vice Presidential running mate on the ticket of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP).

Before a huge crowd comprising people of diverse cultural and traditional backgrounds in the central region, Gongloe told the huge gathering that he was worried when most of his political opponents were selecting their respective running mates, without the LPP identifying his suitable running mate, after hosts of prominent names were recommended to him.

Cllr. Gongloe was consistent with the use of the word “integrity” before his many supporters, who were chanting anti-corruption slogans, some of which indicated: “Government is a place of service, not stealing”; “Rule of Law Is Paramount, Not Desecration of Law” among many other slogans.

The Liberia National Bar Association’s former President said there were some of the nation’s respected and credible sons and daughters who were recommended to him for the Vice Standard position, but LPP needed someone of integrity, strong sense of simplicity, and humanity, for said post.

As result, Gongloe explained that he and other party officials decided to choose Dr. Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo, whom together with him (Gongloe), will provide the basic governance structure that Liberia has been lacking for several decades.

“A better Liberia is possible under my leadership as President of this nation, but we can’t do this without a partner who understands the complexities of problems affecting the country,” Cllr. Gongloe told the gathering.

To address the problem of corruption, Gongloe indicated that “Dr. Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo is the best person to partner with me to sweep corruption out of public service.”

Gongloe’s mother hailed from votes-rich Bong County while his running mate hails from Bong as well.

Prior to being unveiled, Dr. Yarkpawolo had announced his intention to contest for a Representative seat for Bong County District Four.

He was seen as one of the favorites to win this year’s election.

However, his selection by Gongloe for the LPP Standard Bearer post means there will be two natives of Bong County contesting for vice presidential position in the October 10 polls.

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) elected Jewel Howard-Taylor, a daughter of Sanoyea District, Bong County, as running mate to incumbent President George Weah.

Accepting his nomination to run alongside Cllr. Gongloe, Dr. Urey-Emmanuel denounced misapplication of public funds, which he said, involved some past and present government officials.

He said the stealing of public funds and other acts of bad governance are causing endemic poverty while the Nation remains rich with natural and other resources.

He added that corrupt officials’ actions have limited the country’s development paradigm, leaving the less fortunate with no hope and aspirations for the future.

Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo warned against any form of kleptocratic governance system under the LPP leadership.

He promised to work in consultation with Cllr. Gongloe for equitable distribution of the country’s resources that would enhance effective governance and the rule of law.

He assured that the LPP government will dismiss any of its official found to be involved in acts of corruption.

“We will fire public officials who will be caught in any financial malpractices, contrary to the mission and vision of the Liberian People’s Party,” Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo told his supporters.

The University of Wisconsin trained political Ecologist went on narrating his life story after being born in Gomue, a small village near the Guinea border in Bong County District# 4. Two years after his birth, his mom passed way.

He grew up with his aunt, Nyamah Yarkpawolo. His father, Yarkpawolo Taylor, was one of the first persons to learn how to sew clothes in Bong County. Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo learned how to farm, fish, set traps and cut palms at an early age.

He learned from his father and his aunt that the purpose of life was to help others. His father would often advise him to be honest in his dealings with people, not to worry about material things but to appreciate God for what he has.

“God will provide”, this was the answer that Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo gave to his father in 1995 when his father indicated that refugee schools in Guinea were free of charge but once the war was over in Liberia, and they returned, schools were not free in Liberia and he never had money as the war had destroyed all his properties.

In response, Emmanuel, who was given the Kpelle name “Kwakergbe” (“Let us be here”) but later gave himself the biblical name Emmanuel (God is with us), simply said “God will provide”. Yes, indeed God provided and is still providing today. He started school at the age of nearly 14 years in the Bheta Refugee Camp in Guinea in 1995.

Prior to starting school, his father sent him to an apprenticeship to become a traditional blacksmith. He spent two weeks in the blacksmith shop, ran away and returned to the refugee camp, where he later started school.

Ten years later in 2005, Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo graduated from Leen Miller High School as dux, winning eight awards, out of 12 subjects. He served as Student Council President.

Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo also holds a certificate of Leadership with Integrity from Les Aspin Center for Government in Washington D.C. United States of America and a certificate in Management & Entrepreneurship from Columbia University in New York, USA.

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