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In Nimba County: Angry Mob Attack PSU Officers …Destroy Several Vehicles, AML Properties; As Police Officer, Others Hospitalized

by News Manager

Nimba County: Report reaching this paper indicates that several children have been hospitalized after angry residents of Zolowee Town, along the Sanniquellie – Yekepa Highway in District number 2, Nimba County, violently attacked a group of officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU), of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The vehicle belonging to the LNP was also destroyed and at least one LNP officer was wounded, eyewitnesses told this paper.

A man, believed to be in his 20s, and identified as Anthony Saye, was shot and critically wounded as well.

He is said to have been referred to the John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia for treatment.

The action of the citizens of Zolowee Town, according to eyewitnesses, was prompted by a Search Warrant that was brought to the Town’s Chief, (name not given), from Yekepa Magisterial Court, for law enforcement officers to conduct a Search in some houses in the Town.

It is not cleared as to why the houses in the town were ordered searched by the Magisterial Court.
It has also not been established as to who short the 20- year old man during the violent incident.

Speaking to our Nimba County correspondent who visited Zolowee Town and the Tokadeh Mine, the Youth Chairman for Zolowee Town, Hilton Nya Suah, disclosed that the incident started on the night of Thursday, July 27, 2023, when scores of officers of the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the Liberia National Police (LNP) assigned in Yekepa, Nimba County, barricaded several homes.

He explained that on Friday, July 28,2023, the Police brought search warrant from the Yekepa Magisterial Court, asking the Town Chief to allow them carry out a Search in houses in the Town.

According to the Youth Chairman, Hilton Nya Suah, the PSU officers requested for some representatives from the Town to form part of the Search.

He disclosed that following the search, several drums and gallons of fuel were discovered alongside with several parts of Yellow Machines, batteries, among others.

It was alleged that the items discovered during the search were owned by ArcelorMittal –Liberia, a mining company operating in the area.

Our correspondent also gathered that it was while the LNP officers were leaving the town, they were violently attacked by some angry abled body men from the town who also destroyed the LNP vehicle.

According to eyewitness who also spoke with our correspondent, one LNP officer was wounded while another man, believed to be an employee of ArcelorMittal was also wounded.

Witnesses further disclosed that several children have been taken to a local medical center as a result of the tear gas used in the Town during the violent incident.
According to our correspondent, about eight people have been arrested by officers of the LNP and are undergoing preliminary LNP investigation in Camp 4.

Some citizens of the Town who witnessed the incident told our correspondent that on Thursday, a day before the violent incident, they saw several police officers in their Town whose mission they had no idea about.
Some of the residents including Erasnus Tokpah, a Community leader; Cynthia Zezah, Rancy S. Lablah and Colestine Messah told our correspondent that there have been no reasons for the police violent action in the Town.

They claimed that following the Police action in the Town, the residents were forced to leave the Town and spent the night in the bushes.

Our Nimba County correspondent has also gathered that following the discovery of the drums and gallons of fuel which were said to be owned by ArcelorMittal – Liberia, a group of individuals allegedly from the town went to the Mines of the company at Tokadeh and destroyed several properties of the mining company.
Some of the properties damaged were Yellow machines, batteries, light bulbs, vehicles which were marked ‘Yekepa 29,Y- 56,Y- 205 Y- 10’ among other items.

A police vehicle and another vehicle reportedly owned by SEGAL Security firm were also damaged by the angry attackers.

A ‘System Unit; that is used by the company to prepare ores from the mountain before the AML train can transport it to Grand Bassa County for export purpose was also affected by the violence.

According to our correspondent, the damages carried out at Tokadeh Mine have brought normal activities of AML to a standstill as most of the company’s workers, mainly foreign workers of the company were seen leaving the Mine for Monrovia.

Trains of the company have been forced not to transport ores as several of the company’s mining equipment including vehicles are not being put into operation.

Recently, the company dismissed ten operators for allegedly selling fuel illegally. The illegal sale of fuel oil has been major problem at the Tokadeh mine, according to other eyewitnesses who spoke with our correspondent.

However, a formal statement from Arcelor Mittal Liberia (AML) indicates that on 28, July, 2023, its Tokadeh Mines were attacked by a group of unknown individuals bearing arms and machetes.

“AML regrets to report that one of its employees was shot and wounded,” the statement said.

According to the statement, the employee’s condition remains stable, and the company’s doctors will continue to closely monitor said employee.

The statement added that the gang also ransacked and damaged valuable mining assets including vehicles and other equipment belonging to the company.

“The police were called and responded swiftly to the attack and restored calm to the Mines.

AML has contacted Justice Ministry and Ministry of Defense for a full investigation into the attack on its operations and the prosecution of those involved,” the statement added.

Statement: “AML strongly condemns violence of any kind to its staff members and will continue to work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees remain its top priority,” the statement added.

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