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Apprehend Gongloe’s Attackers …US-Based Liberian Group Calls On Gov’t

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California: A United States based group, identified as Friend of Gongloe has strongly condemned the recent violent attack against Liberian Presidential aspirant, Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, in central Monrovia.

In a statement, issue early this week, the group indicated that it is known to the world, all Liberians at home and abroad, friends of Liberia and partners, that we are in this day, condemning in the strongest possible terms the heinous and cowardly physical attack on the life of Counselor Tiawan S. Gongloe, Standard Bearer of the Liberian’s People’s Party (LPP), that occurred on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, in Monrovia, Liberia.

According to the statement, the reprehensible act took place while Counselor Gongloe was courageously addressing an Anti-Corruption March, exercising his fundamental right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest against the government of Liberia.

“Such acts of violence against political figures, who are exercising their democratic rights to advocate for transparency, accountability, and good governance, are not only an attack on one individual but an assault on the very fabric of democracy itself,” the statement added.

Friends of Gongloe: “We stand in solidarity with Counselor Gongloe and the LPP, condemning this abhorrent incident and calling on the Liberian authorities to swiftly apprehend and bring the perpetrators to justice. In the face of this alarming assault on democracy, we call upon the government of Liberia to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and political leaders, safeguarding their right to express dissenting opinions and peacefully protest without fear of reprisal.

‘’It is imperative for all stakeholders in Liberia to unite against violence and work collaboratively to uphold the principles of democracy, fostering an environment where differing viewpoints can be expressed freely without fear of physical harm,” the statement added.

“We are not afraid to say what is right for the common good of all Liberians. We believe that a Better Liberia Is Possible for all Liberians, and no one Liberian or groups of Liberians can take that away by inducing fear into the Liberian society.
We are gain condemning this horrifying attack, and such actions should no longer be a part of our existence as a free people. As it written on the Seal of the Republic, “THE LOVE OF LIBERITY BROUGHT US HERE”. And so, let that love of liberty continue to keep us as a free people always. The statement was signed by Shad E. Mongrue, Chairman, Friends of Gongloe California, Inc.

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