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Nimbaians Endorse Gongloe …For Presidency

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Zekehpa/Nimba: Ahead of the 10, October, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Citizens of Nimba County have endorsed the presidential bid of Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe.

Chiefs and elders, youth and women groups gave their approval over the weekend in Zekehpa, Nimba County.

The okay to Gongloe by the Nimbaians was a result of year-long consultations held amongst themselves in various towns and villages.

The chiefs and elders, making the unanimous decision, recounted Gongloe’s numerous positive contributions to the growth and development of Nimba County, and Liberia in general.

In so doing, the citizens recalled that Gongloe went through “political persecutions” under various succeeding Liberian regimes.

Wilfred Kehleboe Gongloe along with other stakeholders of Nimba spoke in one accord to support Cllr. Gongloe and the opposition Liberian People’s Party (LPP), in the pending October Polls.

They reminded the people of Nimba to stick to the commitment they have made in supporting Gongloe’s presidential candidacy.

The elders also cautioned Nimbaians not to accept any Nimbaian with such Presidential ambition in the pending polls.
In response to the citizens’ endorsement of his presidential candidacy, Cllr. Gongloe said Liberia needs to change for the better but such change must come from Nimba County.
He was thankful to the citizens and especially “Team Gongloe” that is at the forefront of the initiatives.

In a related development, a prominent son of Lofa County, Cllr Jimmy Bombo, urged the people of Nimba to rally around their son, Cllr Tiawan Saye Gongloe, who is prepared and qualified to steer the affairs of the Liberian Nation.

In remarks at the endorsement ceremony, Cllr Bombo praised his legal colleague for being the only Presidential Aspirant in the October Polls with the requisite characters to transform positively the living conditions of Liberians and fight corruption in government.

He said Gongloe was indeed a man of impeccable credentials, integrity and leadership acumen.

Cllr. Bombo disclosed that he and many other Liberians from the 15 political subdivisions of the country have evaluated all presidential candidates and established that Cllr. Gongloe was the only candidate with the ability for the real change that the country needs, considering his good track records in public serve and other institutions including the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) that he previously headed.

Bombo: “But, I do not think that is enough to pledge my support to Ambassador Joseph Boakai, a Kissi man, because I feel that Cllr. Gongloe has what it takes to transform Liberia for the better.”
Giving the population of Nimba, Bombo said, it is time now for residents of Nimba to support their own son who is prepared and qualified over strangers who continue to lie to them for little or nothing.

“The decision to elect Cllr. Gongloe lies in your hands as citizens of this vote-rich county, where almost previous governments’ electoral fates had been decided. We will make that decision on October 10 in the best interest of the county and Liberia,” Bombo told Nimbians in Zekehpa.

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