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John Morlu To Lead Boakai’s War on Corruption

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Following the release of his decisive and incisive policy statement on tackling the perennial cancer of corruption in Liberia a fortnight ago, JNB meets Liberia’ most venerated transparency czar John S. Morlu in New Jersey, USA. Amongst other things discussed in a marathon working meeting held last evening, the war on corruption was one of the key policy positions the pair discussed.

John has principally agreed to lead the fight against graft and theft in the Joseph Nyuma Boakai government and expressed profound delight that JNB is courageously keen on fighting corruption and ending impunity in Liberia. Corruption is Liberia’s major problem and for almost two centuries, this callous menace has deprived the county and its struggling citizenry in all aspects of their socioeconomic existence.

There is no one best suited and fit coupled with the integrity and equanimity to lead the war on corruption than John Morlu. His record on tackling corruption is unmatched in Liberia and beyond the pristine shores of Liberia, he commands huge respect for his uncompromised stance against public corruption. In a chat with me this morning, John, a long-time buddy, tells me, he is enthusiastically excited, ready, and willing to help his county Liberia end the deadly scourge of corruption and impunity. “If public officials steal state resources and businessmen defraud the government and people of Liberia, they must pay a heavy price, and with this concept of accountability stamped in place backed by the Head of government, we will end the circus of corruption and impunity in Liberia in no time”, John stated.

In his policy statement on corruption, JNB unequivocally intimated that his government will appoint and substantially empower credible people to lead the fight against corruption, and the war on corruption shall begin with the George Weah government which is infamous for rampant corruption and a plethora of aberrations. The policy statement emphatically notes that sudden financial wealth and the acquisition of mass assets by officials of the Weah regime will be investigated as well as lifestyle audits will be conducted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to establish how they acquired so much fortune in six years. And where it is established where theft is established, the law will be applied accordingly. Hopefully, all of these will fall into the laps of John Morlu, known by many Liberians as the “No Nonsense” Auditor General. I call him the ‘Revolutionary Auditor’.

This is why Liberians in their generality must see the need to elect JNB as President on the faithful day of 10 October 2023. He is brazenly serious about tackling corruption and ending impunity, all anomalies that have severely hurt Liberia and its weary people since the founding of the nation. Liberians are poor because of corruption. The country’s school system is substandard because of corruption. Public hospitals and clinics are hugely challenged because of corruption. Liberia is shamefully lacking in infrastructure development because of corruption. There are tons of bad concession agreements because of corruption. Billions have been siphoned from Liberia over the years by corrupt public officials with no political will to compel them to account. With Joe Boakai at the helm, this will end. Corruption will be a thing of the past. Liberians will no longer be deprived by roguish and grotesque public officials. And we know so because JNB himself is a man of integrity and nobility who has been tried and tested for close to 40 years, and he proudly stands as the most unblemished and pure politician there is in Liberia.

Fellow Liberians, the #RESCUE MISSION is the way, let’s join ranks on the train of redemption and history-making.

Writes Sage Moncio

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