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Liberia Sends “Yeate Yeate” Back To S/Leone …For His Alleged Involvement In Subversive Activities

by News Manager

By: H. Richard Fallah

Monrovia: The Government of Liberia (GOL), has disclosed that it has taken a decision to remove from its territory the former Chief of Police of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mr. Mohammed Y Toure – also known as “Sankoh Paul Alimamy” and “Yeate Yeate”.

Mr. Toure was apprehended in Monrovia by Liberian security forces at the request of the Sierra Leonean authorities on the allegation of helping plan subversive activities intended to unseat the Government of President Julius Maada Bio.

Following preliminary investigations in Liberia, and given the assurances of the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone that the rights of the accused will be respected, including his rights to a free, fair and speedy trial, the Liberian Government decided it was appropriate to hand over Mr. Toure to the Government of Sierra Leone as requested by the authorities in that country.

According to Liberia’s Information Ministry, his handover to the Sierra Leonean Government is in keeping with the laws of Liberia and the 1986 Non-Aggression Security Treaty entered into by the Governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

The Ministry indicated that the decision is also in line with the 1994 ECOWAS Convention.

Other media reports indicate that the former Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leonean Police had sought refuge in Liberia after he was dismissed.

Chief Superintendent Mohammed Yaetey Turay has been residing in Liberia since March 2022, the reports suggest.

He was reportedly dismissed from the Sierra Leone Police in May 2020 and was among several other officers who were said to have been forced into retirement.

According to the media reports, their dismissals were, however, criticized by many commentators in Sierra Leone.

Recently, the Sierra Leonean Police disclosed that some senior military officers had been working to undermine the peace and tranquility of the state and have planned to unleash violence on the country.

According to a press release issued by the Sierra Leone Police on Monday, July 31, 2023, preliminary investigation has shown that these military officers planned to use purported peaceful protests between August 7 to 10, as a guide to unleash violent attacks against state institutions and peaceful citizens.

On Tuesday August 1, 2023, the Liberian Embassy also alerted the government of Liberia about a press release from the Sierra Leone police which pointed to certain individuals of being suspected of planning to undermine the “peace and tranquility” of Sierra Leone.

“I am pleased to present my compliments and have the honor to report on an alleged Coup Plot in the republic of Sierra Leone, involving several senior military officers,” the release revealed.

The release which was signed by the Liberian Ambassador accredited to Sierra Leone, Roland Nah Johnson, was sent to Liberia`s Foreign Affairs Minister, D. Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., as an alert, as both Liberia and Sierra Leone share close border points.

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