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Ja’neh, Other Muslims Scholars Call for Good Moral Behaviors …Hope For Peace in October Polls

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By E. Geedahgar Garsuah

MONROVIA: The former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Kabineh Ja’neh has expressed scorn over what he calls the involvement of some Muslims who are using their government portfolios to perpetrate cheating and bribery.
He chastised Muslims who are involved with such unwarranted attitude and characterized them as hypocrites for not preserving their characters and using their various positions in government to take bribes and cheat in their public service positions.
Ja’neh said: “I want to see a day when a Muslim in the House of Representatives or any ministerial position or judge has his/her character shown in the office in which he or she works. We call ourselves Muslims, and when we sit in any of these positions, there’s no difference”.
Ja’neh made the remarks at the closing and award ceremony of an intensive two-day Islamic workshop organized by the Saudi Students Union. The workshop was held at Old Road in Partnership with the Head of Imams, a body of Muslim Council of Liberia.
The occasion was held under the theme: “Holding Fast Unto the Rope of Allah.”
According to the Ja’neh who is also professor of Law at the University of Liberia, good character is the only pillar that differentiates Muslims from others religions.

He added that in Muslim teaching, character is of much importance in the Quran.
He pointed out that the Almighty Allah praised the Prophet for good character, and as the Prophet says, his mission was to build good characters, something which he said, some Muslims in positions of trust fail to do.

According to him, there’s a need to do character veneration.
Ja’neh: “We take the same bribe, cheat, and do all kinds of things with hypocrisy. I wonder why?”

“Or you are a Muslim because you pray, fast, and go to Hajj. On the Day of Judgment, the people that God will send to a severe part of hell are those who called themselves Muslims, but they come and pretend to be who they are not, and all this goes with character,” he said.

Ja’neh, however, prays that Allah helps Muslims build good characters so that their contributions to the Liberian Nation and the world will be ones that benefit the Muslims, Liberia and the larger society.
He added that if Muslims do well, it will help the people generally as Islam should be a civilization and not just a religion that prays, while expressing optimism about change in Liberia.
Also remarking at the occasion, Felesu F. Swaray, Special Assistant to the Director of the Kofi Annan Institute and Margibi County District #3 Aspirant, calls on Muslims not to allow politics or anything else to divide them, especially during these elections.

“Allah makes Islam a religion that is conflict free. We all have many things in common. Again, the selection of today’s topic is timely because if we hold on to one rope, it means we will be adhering to Allah’s mandate. Allah called on us to hold onto one rope,” Swaray said.
He said the submission of anyone to Allah means that he or she loves peace, stating, “If the Muslim community will participate in the upcoming elections, it should be peaceful.”
According to him, Allah called on Muslims to hold together and obey his commandment because if Muslims are divided, their strength will go and they will not realize their dreams.
According to him, some Muslims continue to contradict themselves, but the Koran still remains the same, noting, “Allah says when you get knowledge, that is the time people get divided, and so do not allow your education to divide you.”
“Why will Muslims be in the race if you vote for Christians. You know what it means for two Muslims to come from one community and compete against each other. It means we are not holding on to the one rope-mandate given to us by Allah,” Swaray said.
Swaray said in order for peace to reign, four conditions must be satisfied, including reconciliation, and Muslims must be able to reconcile their past trauma, or peace will not reign.

He calls on them to be frank about Justice and hold on to supporting one another, especially in the October 10 polls.

The Chairman of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, Fumba Sheriff, said he was delighted to see Liberian students studying in Saudi Arabia and giving back to Liberians.
“We appreciate you coming and setting an example of peace, unity and reconciliation. We will remain open to you and please feel free to reach out to us,” Sheriff told the Saudi students.
He calls on Muslims to be patient-minded and hold as it relates to the rope of Allah because “if you are not a God fearing person, you will not do anything good in Liberia.”
The President of the Liberian Students Union in Saudi Arabia, Swaliho Fahnbulleh, called on the Muslim Council and the Islamic community in Liberia to open doors for those graduating.
Fahnbulleh calls on the government to provide more support to the Muslim students to enable them to contribute to Liberia during and after graduation.
“The Union is moving well towards making sure that all our brothers and sisters schooling in Saudi Arabia’s relationship remains cordial. And we are involved in disseminating Islamic education around Liberia and keeping the country’s peace,” Fahnbulleh said.
“Islamic education is there to change minds and attitudes. Today, Saudi Arabia’s education is getting better every year. We want to cover the community, but we will only succeed by making an impact on our children. We want to continue to contribute,” he said.

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