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Not My Casket! …JNB Hits Back At Weah’s CDC Supporters

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By: H. Richard Fallah

MONROVIA: The Standard-bearer of the opposition Unity Party (UP), Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has sharply reacted to recent action carried out by some partisans and supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), during which his (JNB’s) photo was placed on a coffin (casket) and paraded along the principal streets of Monrovia and its environs.

Speaking while unveiling his final campaign team for the October 10, 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections, Monday, August 14, 2023, in Monrovia, the UP Standard Bearer said the Casket that the ruling party supporters were parading with along the streets was not for him(Boakai), but them (CDCians).

“The casket they were carrying with my photo on it was not for me, it is for those who were toting it, and that is the same casket that we will use to put them in,” JNB said.

Boakai: “George Weah and his supporters are desperate and have nothing to campaign on; they have distributed poverty, wrecked deaths and misery and demonstrated outright incompetence, their campaign will be characterized by fear, intimidation, and thuggery, but we call on our partisans to turn out in their numbers and campaign and have no fear, we will resist any attempt to intimidate our supporters.”

“Our ultimate goal is to kick them out of power, redeem our country and restore the dignity of our people,” he said.

Ambassador Boakai, at the same time, empathized with his UP supporters and other Liberians who were attacked, and got wounded during the recent clashes reportedly involving CDC and the ruling party supporters.

He said, even though the Unity Party is not noted for violence, they will not sit and allow anyone walks on them freely this time, as “no one party has monopoly over violence.”

JNB noted that the Unity Party has consistently maintained, and respected adherence to the Farmington River Declaration as he called on all of his partisans to conduct themselves consistent with the law-abiding tenets of their Party (UP).
“Let me say to the NEC, that it is not in the nature of the Unity Party to go into violence, but we will not sit and allow anyone to walk on us, and we want to make that clear; because no one has monopoly over violence,” Boakai emphasized.

He, however, thanked the many supporters who turned out in their numbers even during the rainfall yesterday to listen to him, naming his final campaign team, promising that their standing in the rain will not go in vain.

The former Vice President of Liberia promised his supporters mostly the young people, that his leadership, if elected President, will not disappoint them.

“We are grateful to you the young people for standing in the rain, and you can rest assured, we will not disappoint you,” he asserted.
The UP Political Leader also assured his many supporters at the UP Rescue Mission Campaign office which is situated at Air field, New-road, Sinkor, that Liberians will be proud of their country after three (3) years in his administration.

Boakai: “Nobody in the rescue government will come to our leadership to make money just to suffer our people, it will not work.”

JNB noted that he and his team remain committed to fight for the freedom of the Liberian people, who he said, are suffering and struggling on a daily basis just to survive economically.

“We are here for the market women that cannot afford food for their children anymore, the teachers who cannot get their pay on time and correct and all other civil servants that continue to feel the pinch from this CDC-led government,” JNB stated.
He opined that it is the obligation of the rescue team to reclaim the soul of the nation and bring back freedom to the ordinary people who have endured so much hardships under the CDC government.

JNB: “The simple question all voters must therefore, answer during this campaign and on election day is this: Are you better off than you were six (6) years ago? If the answer, as we know is no, then it is your determination to democratically unseat this regime, curtail corruption, stop the relentless pillaging of the national coffers and usher in an accountable and responsible government.”

He noted that the rejection of President Weah`s CDC at the polls on October 10, 2023, would mean an end to fear over insecurity and unexplained mysterious deaths, an end to economic deprivation and social degradation of the Liberia people, an end to the poor state of health and the destruction of the young people by the illicit drugs epidemics in the country.

“It would also mean a certain end to the high level of incompetence in government,” he maintained.

Ambassador Boakai who is the main political rival to incumbent President George Weah, who just returned from the United States said, that he is glad to be back in the country, upbeat, reinvigorated and poised for his party`s victory on October 10, 2023.

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