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NRTA-China Begins Short-term Training For Liberian Journalists

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BEIJING, CHINA: Research and Training Institute National Radio and Television Administration, China (NRTA) has officially begun training of about 25 Liberian media practitioners under the theme: “Seminar for Liberian Media Think Tanks and Senior Scholars”.

The training is taking place at the Research and Training Institute of National Radio and Television Administration center in Beijing, China.

The Research and Training Institute of National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) is a bureau-level public institution directly under the NRTA and of the radio and television industry.

It is the largest educational and training institution in NRTA and the whole Chinese media industry.

It provides party school training for NRTA, training for civil servants, Party and government leaders, training for direct affiliated institutions, training for directors on key positions as well as technical professionals in the industry and international media seminars under the Belt and Road initiative and the “Go Global” policy.

The short-term media training starts on August 15, 2023, and ends on September 5, 2023, aiming to pursue the development and innovation of radio and television training among countries so as to embrace both opportunities and challenges brought by new technologies.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, First-Grade Counsel of International Cooperation Department of National Radio and Television Administration, P.R.C; Ms. Zhou Jihoug, extended warm welcome to the Liberian journalists for attending the seminar and stating that over the past nine years, China and Liberia has conducted an extensive cooperation in the field of radio and television broadcasting and other forms of media coverage.

She further noted that NRTA has the honor of hosting China-Africa media forum under the auspices of the China-Africa cooperation framework, adding that the media forum has received wild support from the participants of Liberia and other African countries.

Ms. Zhou revealed that the China-Africa media platform has extended the media exchanges which is serving as an eye-watch in-terms of policies and cooperation between the participating countries.

She emphasized that in recent years, the radio and television broadcasting industry in China has welcomed new development opportunities and challenges, noting that NRTA is currently prioritizing making media more accessible to cover more audiences through a modern broadcast and public service system.

“After all the purpose of the media is to serve as a tool in showcasing the national economy and social development and to satisfy the audience needs which includes better standards of living, education and entertainment,” Ms. Zhou said.

“Currently China is following its own path to modernization, economic and social development which is a common goal for every African developing nation, as we share this common pursuit of making the dream of a brighter future come true,” she added.

Zhou, however, noted that the media have the power of protecting national peace or dragging common development, as she pointed out the importance of sharing China’s rich culture and experiences through the many different workshops, and seminars, among others.

“I trust that with the weeks ahead, you’ll have a deeper understanding of China Radio and Broadcasting Industry. This seminar will serve as a foundation for more and deeper cooperation down the road, I also look forward to learning from your experiences and expertise”, she said. Courtesy: LINA

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