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Elections Must Be Issue Based …Says Allen Brown; Vows To Make Liberia Breadbasket

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By: Frank P. Martin

MONROVIA: The Standard-bearer of the Liberia Restoration Party (LPR), has cautioned political parties, independent candidates and politicians to focus their campaign messages on issues and challenges facing the Liberian people.

Over 2.4 million Liberians are expected to cast ballots on October 10, 2023, for new breed of national leaders including President, Vice President, and members of the country’s Bicameral Legislature.
Brown said, the best alternative for conducting a free, fair and transparent elections and maintaining the nation’s hard-won peace is for political actors to be responsible enough by debating the real issues and articulating ways in solving them.

He warned against politicians instigating violence and confusion among Liberians who are affecting by poverty.

According to Mr. Brown, he is not interested in criticizing the current administration or administrations previous to this administration.

According him, he is interested in neutrality and objectivity and empowering the Liberian people.
The LRP, he added, is a faith-based political party, dedicated to driving national unity for development on the foundation of religious, social, political, and economic inclusiveness.

He added that the party is pushing for fast economic growth and development through utilization of agriculture and technology.

He calls this modern medium for speedy National development. He said the LRP presents the best choice for the Liberian people as the country now finds itself in a life or death situation. “The redemption of Liberia is upon us,” he said.

“And the choice is clear, inclusion and coexistence or exclusion and nonexistence, that is the choice before us today if we want to build a nation,” he emphasized.

Brown maintains that politics is beyond fussing with rival politicians, given that others have built their political campaigns by dwelling on the shortcomings of other candidates.

“I do not seek the nation’s highest seat for the purpose of disparaging others,” he said, opposing self-righteous indignation, but rather to address pertinent issues so as to improve the lives of each and every Liberian,” he indicated.

To ensure this, Brown and his LRP has a vision to make Liberia a bread-basket, not only engaging in agriculture to feed the citizenry, but also to feed the world beyond its borders.

The United Nations’ latest State of Food Security and Nutrition report shows the world is moving backwards in efforts to eliminate hunger and malnutrition as the number of people affected by hunger globally rose to as many as 828 million in 2021, an increase of about 46 million since 2020 and 150 million since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These prove that the world is moving further away from its goal of ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030.

Brown sees these global challenges as opportunities for Liberia to leverage upon and position itself to accomplish greater things developmentally, as the country has the potential to become a global food hub.

“The UN report predicts a tremendous demand for food in the future, and we can only use five percent of our arable land to feed ourselves and the world,” he asserted.

In what some would consider a very ambitious plan, Brown noted that LRP government will introduce a policy that will provide at least one meal a day for each Liberian.

Businessman turned Politician Allen Roosevelt Brown Jr. vowed to make Liberia a bread basket.
Brown: “We must have the highest yield per acre of plantain or whatever we grow.”

The LRP Standard Bearer through his inclusive leadership visited the disadvantaged and less fortunate communities across Montserrado while starting with the Pennol building on Center Street over the weekend.

Speaking at his visitation Brown vowed to transform the lives of the less fortunate through prioritizing rehabilitation, by decentralizing centers across the country and providing the needed resources for empowerment that will include them in the development of the nation.

“I am convinced and persuaded that Liberians especially the youth will take ownership of their inheritance by voting for number three on the ballot box, Allen Brown Jr. and Noosevett Weah.”

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