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JNB Throws Challenge To Weah ….Says He`s Prepared For Any Public Debate With Him

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By: H. Richard Fallah

PAYNESVILLE: With less than forty-nine (49) days to the crucial Presidential and Legislative elections, scheduled for 10, October, 2023, Unity Party (UP’s) Standard-bearer, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has thrown an open challenge to incumbent President, George Manneh, for debate on wide range of crucial national issues and their respective development platforms ahead of the October 10 polls.

Speaking in a live radio interview on Truth-FM 96, a local radio station, in Monrovia, on Monday, August 21, 2023, Ambassador Boakai said, he is willing to publicly debate with other presidential candidates but not without the involvement of the incumbent President, who is seeking reelection on the ticket of the governing CDC.

“I am willing and prepared for debate, but any debate that does not call in Weah, count me out,” Ambassador Boakai declared.

According to the UP Political Leader, as the country is set to make another crucial leadership decision, it is very important for Liberians to examine all those who want to lead them.

The UP presidential hopeful emphasized that Liberians should examine Liberia as a country and determine whether or not they are proud of where the country is at the moment.
He urged other candidates for elected public offices to address issues bordering on good governance and not attack of personalities.

Responding to those who are wishing him (Boakai) dead, the UP Political leader encouraged all presidential candidates and those canvassing during the current campaign period to be honest by telling Liberians how they can improve their lives and not wishing for someone`s death.

“We intent to be very decent in this campaign, if anyone is toting casket and wishing that I die, well, it is up to them,” he declared.

Boakai said, when Liberians go to the ballot box, they should vote for a leadership of track records.
He maintains that such leadership is around, and as such, the Liberian electorate should make good use of it.
At the same time, the UP political leader cautioned the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Judicial Branch of government be responsible for whatever happens in the country.

JNB is hopeful that the NEC and the Judiciary will work in the best interest of the Liberian nation, by ensuring free, fair, transparent and credible elections comes October 10.

“All of us are responsible for whatever happens in this country- president, NEC and the judiciary cannot be left out. That is why we are hoping for free, fair and transparent process, anything other than that, I don’t think Liberians will like to see that the elections were stolen from them,” Boakai stressed.
The UP political leader claimed that he was cheated in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections but, he let it to remain that way because of young people’s future.

“I was cheated, we have records of different polling places that pointed to irregularities and frauds, we went to court, but had to finally let it go because, we did not want a small drop of blood to be shed on this soil because of us, and moreover, Liberians had the opportunity to choose during the 2017 elections, and they chose Barabbas, so we had to leave them to see the results of their decision,” JNB asserted.

The former vice president also revealed that the Liberian people have realized their past mistake and are now looking for leadership and direction for a better future for their children and unborn generation.

“Liberians have realized their mistake in 2017, and they are ready to correct that; that is why they are now looking for leadership, and that is why I am here to provide it to them,” he stressed confidently.
The former president of the Liberian Senate indicated that he and his leadership will make Liberia what it ought to be.

JNB further told the radio station that he and his team will make decisions with respect to what will be done to help the country.

JNB: “That’s why we talked about ‘AREST’ because, it will jump-start the economy and help the young people of the country; it will bring good education, improved sanitation, make Liberia to boom in tourism and allow proper transparency.”

Among his ‘Hundred Days Deliverables,’ Ambassador Boakai promised that there will be accessibility of roads across the country, cleaning-up of garbage and other offensive wastes to give Monrovia and its environs a befitting and good look and make sure that all outgoing government and former officials properly account for what they have managed over the last years while serving in government.

“We are up for business to make sure we bring accountability to this country: when we left, we document everything we left behind, the records are there, so those who will be leaving should do the same,” he noted.

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