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CDC Shaken, Heartbroken …Weah Asserts; Laments Four CDCians’ Death

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MONROVIA: The Political Leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), George Manneh Weah, says the tragic passing of four supporters of the governing party is an “unimaginable loss.”

Paying an emotional tribute for the deceased partisans on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at the CDC Headquarters, Weah who is also President of Liberia indicated that the tragic incident has left the party and its hundreds of partisans and supporters shaken and heartbroken.

According to the CDC Standard-bearer, four lives were abruptly cut short, two in the accident in Gbarnga City, one in Nimba and one person in District 17.

The partisans and supporters who lost their lives in the accident include Wonderful Flomo, Nancy Bemah, Edward Sackie Dunn, and Tiangay Kamara.

“Today, as we gather in solemn reflection, our hearts are heavy with grief and sorrow,” he said.

“Yesterday, a cloud of tragedy descended upon us, casting a shadow over our vibrant campaign and filling our hearts with an unimaginable sense of loss.”

“We are here to remember and honor the brave souls who were taken from us far too soon – our cherished supporters, the Girls for Weah Auxiliary Group — who in their unwavering belief and commitment to the cause paid the ultimate price,” Weah indicated.

The President intimated that no amount of words “can capture the depth of our pain in moments like the terribly untimely death of the four partisans and supporters”.

He continued: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, who have lost their loved ones, and with those who are fighting to recover from their injuries. May they find strength and solace in the midst of this tremendous adversity!”

He said their terribly tragic death “is a stark reminder of the how fragile life is, of how swiftly the course of events can change, and how delicate our existence truly is”.

“As we mourn this tragedy, let us also remember the spirit of unity and purpose that has defined our movement,” he asserted.

The CDC political leader added that “the Girls for Weah Auxiliary Group embodied the spirit and determination, dedication, and fervent belief in the cause of the party”.

Though a difficult moment to embrace, the President admonished partisans to find solace in their faith and the understanding that all things unfolded, according to a divine plan.

“While we struggle with the questions that arise from this tragedy, let us also remember that our faith teaches us to accept the will of God without question. It is our duty to pray for His will to be done, even in times of profound sorrow,” the CDC Political Leader said further.

He called on partisans to, in the midst of the situation, reaffirm commitment to the cause for which these young supporters lost their lives; that their passion and sacrifices should serve as a beacon of inspiration for all.

President Weah said the movement stands as a testament to their dedication. He urged partisans to redouble their efforts to ensure that their deaths were not in vain.

“In just a few short weeks, we will go to the polls to exercise our democratic right and determine the course of our beloved nation,” he indicated.

“The October elections hold immense significance, and it is our duty to carry forward the torch that the “Daughters of Weah” carried with such honor. They believed in our vision for a better Liberia, and it is now incumbent upon us to ensure that their dreams are realized,” he told CDCians and Weahcians.

He rallied CDCians and supporters of the Coalition to channel their grief into a renewed commitment to the cause and stand united, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the face of adversity.

He reminded partisans that the road ahead will not be easy, but that the memory of these fallen supporters should serve as a reminder of the stakes at hand, and that their dedication to Liberia’s progress, development, and prosperity should never waver.

The President thanked friends, sympathizers, and well-wishers who have sent messages of condolence to the family and to the Coalition for Democratic Change, including the standard-bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Boakai.

In closing, President Weah reflected on the words of the great Martin Luther King Jr. that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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