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‘BassaLand’ Defies Rain …As Thousands Embrace Weah’s Reelection Bid

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BUCHANAN: Despite the heavy down pour of rain in the Port City of Buchanan on Friday, September 1, 2023, thousands of Bassa speaking people from Grand Bassa County stormed the famous Fairgrounds to welcome and declare their support for the re-election of incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

President Weah is seeking re-election at the polls in October this year to fulfill another six-year Constitutional mandate.

Weah, a former global soccer legend is racing against former Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, of the erstwhile ruling Unity Party (UP), and 18 other presidential candidates.

Both Boakai and Weah ended up in round-off election in December 2017, in which Weah emerged victorious, defeating the Boakai with over 64%. Besides, Weah won fourteen (14) out of the fifteen (15) political subdivisions (Counties) of the country.

According to our Staff Writer who also attended the rally of ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) in Buchanan City on that rainy Friday, hundreds of thousands of citizens braved the heavy rain to come out in their numbers. Many were seen toting chairs under the rain to celebrate their leader, President Weah.

The rain nearly disrupted the CDC campaign rally in the ‘BassaLand.’ The rain began falling through the highway from Cotton Tree community which borders Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties.

By 12noon to 5pm, the rain shows it strength but the people of Bassa trooped to the Fairgrounds to grace the rally.

Later, the rain intensified its power again at 7pm until President Weah and his Entourage arrived at the Fairground, accompanied by hundreds of jubilant ‘CDCians’, ‘Weahcians,’ local leaders, among many others.

Students and ‘First Time Voters’ in the ‘BassaLand’ added their voices to many speakers who declared their unreserved support for the President’s reelection in October, citing his current regime’s full implementation of many developmental projects including health centers, schools, roads among others.

The First-Time voters, predominately students said they will go from door-to-door to campaign for the CDC and President Weah.

According to them, the Weah led administration’s free tuition and WEACS fees payment for students across the country have reduced the burdens of their parents and guardians, something which they also said has improved their learning capacities.

Also, a prominent son of Bassa County, who is also former Minister of National Defense, Daniel Chea, now CDC regional coordinator for Margibi, Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties narrated that President Weah’s mother (deceased) hailed from the ‘BassaLand’, and as such “our people are under obligation to re-elect” their son.

Former Minister Chea said the people know what is good for them and they know what they want, and as such, “Weah is their choice.”

Former Information Minister, now Campaign Chair for Buchanan City, Dr. Lawrence K. Bropleh, told the gathering that ‘BassaLand’ has “DECIDED TO FOLLOW” Weah.

He asked: “Grand Bassa County, who do we want, who do we have?” The crowd responded: ‘We Want Weah,’ and Bropleh encouraged the people to reelect Weah to complete his developmental projects.

The CDC Victory campaign tour has toured three BassaLand counties; Montserrado, Margibi, and Grand Bassa Counties.

The President is expected to tour the last ‘BassaLand,’ Rivercess County upon his return from the United Nations General Assembly later this month.

While the rain was ragging, President Weah started his political rally in Grand Bassa in Little Bassa and Waka Town in Electoral Districts #1 and 2 where he inspired hundreds of young people to seize the opportunities, he has created for them to have good and prosperous future.

He urged the people of little Bassa and Waka Town to join ranks with all Liberians to re-elect him so that their county and the country would be transitioned towards more development.

Weah also seasoned his stimulating remarks with chants of revolutionary battle-cries that apparently left the citizens of little Bassa and Waka Town spellbound. The Liberian leader however, described the rain as a “shower of blessings”.

In a brief, but electrifying statement at the Fairground, the President thanked the citizens for the show of commitment, love and respect for him by defying the bad weather to receive him and to pledge their support to his second term presidential bid.

“I thank Grand Bassa County for showering in the rain but our opponents will shamelessly say different things on Facebook.

He sharply questioned the essence of the political slogan, “Rescue Team,” of former Vice President Boakai.

Weah explained that UP and Boakai cannot rescue Liberians after plundering the nation under the “failed leadership of Sirleaf-Boakai” for 12 years.
“I heard people came here and promised that they will rescue, but 20 years ago, why they could not rescue you,” apparently referring to Joseph Boakai.
“I am president today because you voted for me,” Weah added. “If you re-elect me, I will build your roads and provide electricity.”

He encouraged the people of Buchanan to go to the polls on October 10 to re-elect him to enable him build the roads they have asked him to build, and to sustain the development progress made under his watch as President of Liberia.

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