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Nepotism Is Bad For Government … Samora Wolokollie Tells JNB

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: Deputy Finance Minister, Samora Wolokolie, on Thursday, August 31, 2023, explained on his personal Facebook page, circumstances behind the controversial appointment of alleged family members in the office of Unity Party Political Leader, Joseph Boakai, citing nepotism on the part of the former vice president.

Wolokollie posted an article, titled: “The Perils of Nepotism,” questioning Joseph Boakai’s Presidential candidacy.

Wolokollie: “Unity Party should shut up!” After gathering information which has prompted allegation of abuse of power with Joseph N. Boakai, Jr appointed as Special Aide to his father and Jake Kabakollie, a nephew to JNB as Chief of Staffs.

“Nepotism, the practice of favoring family members or close associates in professional appointments, is a detrimental phenomenon that undermines meritocracy and hinders progress in any society,” Wolokollie posted on Thursday on his Facebook page.

“In the context of Liberia, where the need for transparent and accountable leadership is paramount, the recent revelations regarding Joseph N. Boakai’s nepotistic tendencies raise concerns about his suitability for the presidency.”

In the article, Wolokollie shed light on the implications of nepotism and its potential consequences for Liberia, offering critical perspectives on Joseph N. Boakai’s candidacy.

He said the appointment of these individuals, who are the biological son and nephew of the former VP demonstrates a clear preference for personal relationships over merit and competence.

The Deputy Finance Minister did not acknowledge that the positions to which Ambassador Boakai appointed his son and nephew were not public jobs, because such actions may have compromised the principles of good governance and raised doubts about the fairness and integrity of Joseph N. Boakai’s leadership.

However, Wolokollie maintained that “By prioritizing familial ties over qualifications and abilities, Joseph N. Boakai has compromised the crucial principle of meritocracy.”

“This raises concerns about the decision-making capabilities and judgment of Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. particularly when considering the complex challenges Liberia faces.”

While Wolokollie post sparked criticisms from commenters beneath his post on Facebook, the 1986 Constitution of Liberia says: “All Liberian citizens shall have equal opportunity for work and employment regardless of sex, creed, religion, ethnic background, place of origin or political affiliation, and all shall be entitled to equal pay for equal work.”

Some legal scholars who preferred anonymity said Wolokollie’s argument is grounded in law because article 18 of the constitution as stated above frowns against favoritism and nepotistic acts from any citizens whether in public office or private.

But, others maintained that attacking Boakai for nepotism and failing to uphold the Nation’s Code of Conduct for Public officials is just the latest illustration of Wolokollie and the CDC government’s hypocrisy.

According to Wolokollie, ‘nepotism’ in any form is detrimental to the development and stability of a nation. He stressed that when leaders appoint family members or close associates to influential positions, it creates an environment of favoritism.

“This undermines public trust and confidence in the government, eroding the foundation of democracy and fostering a culture of corruption.”

Among other things, he said Joseph N. Boakai’s nepotistic appointments of his biological son and nephew to key positions within his office reflect a disregard for meritocracy, fairness and transparency.

“The Unity Party’s indifference to these acts of favoritism further underscores their lack of commitment to accountable leadership,” said Wolokollie.

“Nepotism undermines fair governance, stifles diversity and innovation, erodes public trust, and opens the door to corrupt practices,” the article added.

According to Wolokolie, the prevalence of nepotism within the Unity Party raises serious doubts about Joseph N. Boakai’s ability to provide the transparent and effective leadership that the country needs. However, an official of UP, who preferred anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for Boakai, asserted Wolokolie’s article need not to be dignified with any response because it grossly lacks relevance.

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