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Reiterating Our Plead For Non-violent & Credible Polls

by News Manager

The Charge ‘d’ Affairs of the United States Embassy in Monrovia, Madam Catherine Rodriguez, over the weekend, held a Roundtable Forum with the Liberian media.

At the gathering, Rodriguez stressed a number of salient points with respect to the professional role of the media in Liberia, especially as the country moves towards the crucial October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections and the need for the Liberian government to ensure that the polls are conducted in an atmosphere of peace, transparency, integrity and credibility.

While applauding the media thus far relative to their reporting on the pending elections, and or /about the most important issues of the day, Madam Rodriguez indicated that “like other countries in the World, Liberians will soon be celebrating their democracy by flocking to the polls to choose their leaders and representatives,” such exercise, she said, is a “solemn responsibility”.

“It is important that the government ensures that these are fair, free, and peaceful elections, and to hold accountable those that would attempt to disrupt it,” she told the media leaders.

She underscored the dire need for the Liberian government officials to also ensure that the government invests an adequate level of money, personnel, and organizational resources to protect its citizens, candidates, polling stations, and election workers from intimidation or harm.

According to the topnotch American diplomat, the “eyes of the World are focused on these elections and how they are managed.”

In addition, she cautioned and inspired the Liberia Nation that “the United States, as a longstanding partner of Liberia, along with the International Community, has been working closely with the National Elections Commission (NEC), to make sure that all election observers have full access to polling stations during election day, as well as access to the vote tallying.”

According to her, the U.S. Embassy, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “is directly supporting both International and Domestic Election Observer Missions, as well as our own mission observing the election process across the country.”

“The United States is also prepared to assist in efforts to keep these elections free, fair, and peaceful by holding accountable anyone responsible for engaging in activities to undermine the democratic election process in Liberia through additional measures such as sanctions,” she divulged.

For us, at The INDEPENDENT newspaper, we have consistently made similar call on Liberians at home and in the Diasporas to nurture the sustenance of the peace and serenity that Liberia currently enjoys and to rise above violence in all of its forms-be it election related, gender-based, domestic and /or criminal attack.

In other words, no amount of violence or lawlessness can transition the Liberian Nation towards the fortress of development and progress aimed at improving the living standard of the citizens, most of whom now find themselves at the bottom of the Nation’s economic ladder.

Indeed, violence is inimical to socio-economic progress in any country, with our dear country, Liberia, being of no exception.

This is why we doubt whether there is any Liberian who had not been severely impacted by the macabre acts of violence, brutality and chaos including the desecration of the rule of law that effectively characterized the decade-long Liberian civil war in which an estimated 250,000 innocent people, predominately women, children and elderly were killed and from which Liberia’s economy is yet to be fully recovered.

It is in this connection that we too reserve no atom of hesitation or disinclination in buttressing the consistent call of the United States Government for Liberians, including political parties, Alliances and Coalitions and their political leaders who inked the Farmington River Agreement to uphold the sanctity, spirit and intent of said agreement aimed at promoting nothing less than peaceful and credible elections.

Frankly, the development, progress and happiness of us all, as a government and Nation, lies in our ability to recognize the indisputable fact that violence leads to abysmal destruction and backwardness and that peace is the best avenue to societal growth and vibrancy.

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