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“Liberia Lawless & Unsafe”…Cummings Campaign Committee Asserts; Blames Weah For ‘Drugs Smuggling’

by News Manager

MONROVIA: The National Campaign Committee to Elect Alexander B. Cummings President of Liberia has condemned the continuous smuggling of dangerous drugs into Liberia.

“It is now conclusively confirmed that the so-called moringa leaves being smuggled under the facilitation of the head of security of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), Liberia’s only international airport, was laced with methamphetamine, an addictive drug used to make ‘kush’, a dangerous drug killing Liberians,” a statement issued by the Cummings Campaign Committee said.

The Committee indicated that the allegation of the smuggling ring points directly to the Office of President George M. Weah, through his closest confidante and Chief of Presidential Protocol, Finda Bundoo.

“Disturbing details raise serious questions about the security at Liberia’s ports of entry, as well as the collusion of senior government officials in smuggling and peddling of dangerous narcotics in our country,” the statement added.

According to the Cummings Campaign Committee, “the latest drug smuggling through the RIA reminds of the $100M cocaine smuggled into Liberia through the Freeport of Monrovia, for which a lame, conspiratorial and collusive investigation and prosecution saw the perpetrators walk out of jail and away from Liberia with no consequences for the commission of an international crime, on the watch of the Weah-led Government.”

“Liberians are also reminded about the illegal importation of arms and ammunition through the same Freeport of Monrovia. Again, a lame investigation and conspiratorial cover-up led to no arrests, no prosecution, and accordingly no conviction for international arm smuggling into the country,” the Committee further indicated.

Statement: “To date, amidst reports of the training and arming of private militias and ex-combatants by some government officials, no public accounting exists for the smuggled arms and ammunition. Liberia has become increasingly lawless under President Weah’s six-year rule. Officials with responsibility to ensure the integrity of our borders are being caught in schemes and collusion to aid and abet the breaking of not just Liberian laws but the commission of international crimes.”

“Kush” and other dangerous drugs are addicting and killing our children, the committee asserted.

“Liberia is being robbed of its future by poisoning the minds of our young people. The drug epidemic has dangerously overtaken every county in the country, leading to a wave of fear and rising crimes across the country. Under a Cummings-led administration, Weah and his officials will dutifully answer for these crimes and obvious facilitation, cover-up, and dereliction of public duty, for which they are being paid by the Liberian people,” the statement indicated.

Statement: “Normally, we would call for an investigation. But we do not trust the Weah-led administration, which is itself neck-deep in the allegations to investigate itself. Plus, we have seen enough lame and inconclusive investigations to waste time calling for yet another. And so, we wish to conclude by promising the Liberian people that these high crimes, both international and domestic, perpetrated against the Liberian people will not go unpunished. There will be no hiding place for these alleged criminals in a Cummings-led administration, said the statement, signed by Atty. Lafayette Gould, Esq, Campaign Coordinator & Chief Campaign Spokesperson, National Campaign Committee to Elect Alexander B. Cummings President of Liberia.

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