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Weah Tips Jewel For 2029 Presidency …As He Energizes Bong Citizens for Second Term

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By: Varney Dukuly

MONROVIA: Incumbent President George Weah has tagged his Vice President and Running Mate, Jewel Howard Taylor, as the best choice to lead Liberia after the second term of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government.

“I believe in democracy,” said Weah. “I will not go third term, you will decide to carry someone from our party of course, I believe in women participation,” he added.

Weah: “And you have a Vice President who has been working with us. I hope and pray after our second term, we will promote the Vice President so we can bring woman back.”

The thought for VP Taylor to possibly drive the presidential train in 2029 has been triggered by Mr. Weah’s desire to bring another woman onto the Nation’s presidential stage after the country democratically produced its first female President, in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (EJS), in 2005.

President Weah’s statement of support to Jewell’s 2029 presidency also comes amid increasing and blatant disregard of two term constitutional provisions by some African leaders in their respective countries, using various kinds of political manipulation including but not limited to threats, harassments, marginalization of perceived opponents, among others, aimed at perpetuating themselves in state power.

The situation often leads to coups, counter coups, instability, violence, among other vices in many countries on the African continent.

The Liberian leader indicated that Vice President Taylor, a prominent daughter of Bong County, two- term former Senator, has worked assiduously or tirelessly over the years to win his (Weah’s) unflinching support in 2029 after his second term.

VP Taylor who, after former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ‘broke the glass ceiling’ in 2017 as Liberia’s First Female Vice President, hopes to achieve such indelible mark of honor as President of Liberia after Mr. Weah’s second term Presidency, if possible.

Additionally, the 60-year-old Vice President “is one of Liberia’s foremost advocates for increased opportunities for women and girls in the country and beyond.

On account of her national dispositions and stands on many cutting-edge issues, Madam Taylor is fondly called “Vice President Without Boundaries.”

The Liberian leader wants supporters of the CDC including first time voters to give him another opportunity to finish what he has started in his first term.

“We count on you,” said Weah who was perfectly dressed in dominant blue pro-poor suit. “What we started, give us the opportunity to finish our work.”

He promised to uphold his promise made to the regional body the Economic Community of West African States unlike other African leaders.

The Tuesday campaign rally in Bong County, one observer said, marked day two of President Weah’s move to comb votes-rich Bong County from the opposition political community.

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