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Title: “The Broom’s Hollow Promise”

by newsmanager

Authored by: Atty. Samora P. Z. Wolokolie, PhD., CA., CPA., CFE., FCFIP., FFA (UK), FIPA (Aus.), LLB.

Edited by: Ms. Robell Hovers

In the realm of aspirations high,
Where dreams of leadership touch the sky,
Taiwan S. Gongloe, with broom in hand,
Claims to cleanse corruption from our land.

Assistant Professor of Law, they say,
Yet, winning elections, he can’t sway.
From the halls of academia’s pride,
To political realms, where dreams collide.

A former Minister of Labor, true,
And Solicitor General, he once knew,
But a track record of victories naught,
Leaves doubts in the battles he has fought.

A memory lingers, a stain on his name,
For the University’s top post, his aim.
But alas, the Student Unification Party’s pride,
Crumbled as Gongloe’s candidacy died.

A broom, he wields, a symbolic charade,
As if corruption can be swept and fade.
But the broom’s hollow promise, we must see,
For true change requires more than a mere decree.

The negatives of carrying this broom,
Unveil themselves, shrouded in gloom.
Symbolism alone cannot atone,
For the lack of vision clearly shown.

Gongloe, unfit to lead our nation’s way,
His broom theory’s promises sway.
A President must possess more than a sweep,
To navigate challenges and promises keep.

Leadership demands more than a symbol’s guise,
It craves experience and wisdom’s prize.
Gongloe’s past failures, they persist,
Revealing his unsuitability, insist.

Liberia deserves a leader steadfast and strong,
Someone who can right the nation’s wrongs.
In Gongloe’s broom, we find no hope,
But in another’s vision, we can cope.

Let us seek a leader with a proven track,
One who won’t falter or ever look back.
For Liberia’s future, we must elect,
A President who can truly protect.

So, let Gongloe’s broom fade into the night,
A misguided symbol, devoid of light.
Liberia’s destiny awaits a worthy guide,
To lead us forward with unwavering stride.
Cllr. Gongoloe’s broom needs to be drop; as modern time creeps, perhaps “Vacuum Clearer” is relevant…

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