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Malians Urged To Remain Law- Abiding In Liberia

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By T.R Dixon

MONROVIA: The Consul General of Republic of Mali accredited near Monrovia, Ambassador Sambourou Bah, has called on Malian residing in Liberia to remain law abiding and work towards developing their host country.

Amb. Bah also called for peaceful co-existence between the Malian descendants and their host communities, in order to achieve the reasons for which they are in Liberia.

The Malian envoy made the call over the weekend at program marking the commemoration of the late Bayesah Tarawallay.

The ceremony was held at the Headquarters of the Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID) on Carey Street in Central Monrovia.

The late Bayesah Tarawallay was a Malian citizen who came to Liberia in 1982, as a businessman.

He urged Malians to always exhibit good behaviors in order to continue to portray the good image of the Republic of Mali in Liberia and other parts of the world.

Ambassador Bah expressed the hope and desire that the cordial working relationship that existed between CENPID and the late Bayesah Tarawallay and family will continue.

Also speaking at the occasion, the acting moderator of the Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID), Mr. Joseph Dennis, lauded the Consul General of Mali, Ambassador Sambourou Bah, for gracing the occasion.

He noted that CENPID will always miss the late Bayesah Tarawallay because he was like a father to the fatherless as he treated everyone honestly and without discrimination.

According to Mr. Dennis, CENPID was given the opportunity by the late Bayesah Tarawallay to operate their intellectual discourses at his business center on Carey Street in Central Monrovia free of charge, although he was paying rent for the facility.

He promised on behalf of CENPID to foster the relationship that exists between Mr. Tarawallay and CENPID.

For his part, the Chief Imam of Liberia, Sheikh Ali Krayee, who offered prayers for the late Bayesah Tarawallay family admonished members of CENPID to continue their intellectual forum in the facility.

He said intellectual deliberations border on mental capabilities such as excellent memory, verbal communication and comprehension, logical reasoning, analyzing, and problems- solving, which are all important skills for workers in any organization or corporate entity.

Sheikh Krayee who praised Bayesah Tarawallay (late) noted that he views intellectual ability as one of the most valuable attributes of employees.

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